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This is the second part of the story of a girl who had a big secret.
This is the first part of a short story about a girl who had a big secret
This article will talk about the monsters that we actually believed in at childhood. Or maybe just up to this day.
Many people are obsessed with vampires and there are cults such as the goth cult and television series such as Twilight that populate our teen culture these days. Porphyria is a disease which may have started the vampire legends.
A real life Vampire and her reasons for feasting on the blood of others
Molly and Milly have gone to find Dad. He went into the building and Molly is afraid something bad will happen to him. It's going to be harder maneuvering around the building with Milly but she is refusing to stay in the car.
Zoey has decided to hang up her spy hat. She's through with secret missions and vampires. To prove to her family that she was telling the truth she spent a leisurely day with her cousin Chloe and Duece. They played in the park and came home for lunch. After lunch they went out on t...
Zoey has given up on her spy mission. She's thrown in the towel. Her best friend Duece couldn't be happier. Life will get back to normal and there will be no more talk of vampires, ghosts or anything remotely like that.
Zoey is preparing for another night of spying on the new neighbors. She believes they really are vampires so she has taken certain precautions. She's wearing a garlic necklace and she's made one for her friend Duece. He's going on the mission under duress. At this point he thinks ...
Zoey is now convinced that the new neighbors are vampires. She's spent the afternoon making a necklace out of garlic. The whole kitchen smells like garlic and mom is starting to worry about Zoey's obsession with the old stone house.
Zoey, Duece, Mom, Chloe and Bernard ran for their lives when they left the Stone House. Mom finally got the bleeding stopped on Zoey's head. That bat had taken a nice little chunk out of Zoey's head. Now mom was afraid Zoey would get rabies. Zoey was in her room reading her spy nove...
The Vampire Diaries is an amazing TV Show! I am really curious about who Elena will end up with. Stephan and Damon are such cute guys. She is lucky to have such sweet and hot guys interested in her.
Zoey wants to get a glimpse of the new neighbors. She knows there's a girl that lives there because she saw a big doll house. Zoey is dressed in her finest clothes. If she should happen to run into someone from the house they will be very impressed with her.
New neighbors are moving into the old neighborhood. Can a dragon and a vampire become friends?
Many of us became familiar with Anne Rice in the mid-1970s when her novel, Interview with the Vampire, was published. This novel was written in 1973, when Rice was a graduate student, and not published until 1976. From this novel, several other novels concerning the main character ca...
Shake isn’t your everyday vampire, and his story isn’t your everyday cliche-filled vampire novel. Shake is a vampire for intellectuals, if you want to be snobby about it. He’s a philosopher, even if his philosophy is somewhat cold-blooded.
For on the head of those who play with hearts of others this will be through eternity....not my law but the law of do enjoy...
This is a short story about a young gentleman called Michael, whose life was almost perfect in the whole sense of the world, until he met on a party a beautiful girl called Lily…
One of the most haunted plantations in Louisiana invites you to see the phantom carriages that are frequently heard riding up the gravel road. The undeniable clip-clop of hooves resounding in the stillness of the night accompanies the sound of the carriage. A child's cry has been hear...
Secretes lurking the night.What lies int the shadows.Maybe your worse fears.
Vampires are supposed be the undead. Men who by black magic prolong their life and for this need to drink blood of young women
Stoker’s Dracula is the mother of all modern vampire novels and films. It is therefore worthwhile to take a look back to this ancient novel.
Vampire is symbolic. The protagonist identifies evil but succumbs to it at the end!
The Vampire was a British plane taht was used by the IAF for over 2 decades. It was a subsonic jet plane and was the first jet operated by the IAF
I wrote this as song lyrics, possibly for someone more musically inclined than I am.
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