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The Yardstick of Creation! A Compulsive Disorder Which Stretches Throughout Religions and Centuries
Animals, whether land, sea, and air, do not distinguish between confinement in a small area and that within a great number of acres of space allotted for them by their human captors. They know their freedom is as limitless a space as the universe! - Jamie
All of us have our share of phobias, whether they’re sharks, snakes, or even butterflies. However, there are a select few who find the sight of certain foods absolutely terrifying. Here are 7 strange food phobias that you might have without even knowing it…
Vegetarian recipes are not bland nor boring at all. You should try blending different nuts with crisp vegetables that brings out a colorful tasty dish.
In the tonnage of which method is correct in our applying "mercy" to the apparent "food chain," is this a menu which a Christed One would re-commend? The "fish diet" is now on the table. Would each one please attend? - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
Every one of us has a unique physique and personality traits needing equally and matching unique prescriptions for personality development. Still, it is worth to investigate, understand and adopt some general issues of personality development.
Vertigo symptoms are varied and the mostly recognized symptom is the feeling of spinning in your head. However, just feeling spinning around in your head does not mean that you are having vertigo. There are actually two types of vertigo and each of them provide different symptoms that...
Have a desire to save an animals life? Then you should go vegetarian with my tips.
There are many virtues of eating a vegetarian diet. Indeed by reducing the amount of meat we eat we can help improve the conditions of the environment, and our health too. How much of an impact will it make if we eat vegetarian hot dogs?
Meatless tacos using falafel in place of ground beef or chicken.
As a vegetarian, I am constantly looking to find new and interesting things to make, they do say variety is the spice of life, so I was please when I found this tasty recipe
Many people still believe that protein is only available from meat and animal sources.But there is enough protein also in all beans, lentils, and peas in soy products in whole grains.
Animal agriculture pours far more pollution into our atmosphere than all forms of transportation combined, more then autos, trucks, ships, planes and trains put together.
Many people has turn to become vegetarian only a couple months to a year later has come back over to the good ole meat chewing. Vegetarians may be weaker than meat eaters. Do you think so?
As sure as heartburn follows a spicy meal, one day, while I was on shift, an order came in for the mysterious Veggie Burger…
To eat meat so often is deadly.You may never notice right away that your blood pressure becomes abnormal.Red meat is bad for those sick of arthritis.The best to eat every meal is dark , leafy vegetable.No one gets a bad disease if prioritize to eat dark and leafy vegetables.
Fasting is an indispensable need of human beings. Especially of religion, they have won for fasting month, so I hope my article can offer them some vegetarian dishes .
Flagstaff is an extremely vegetarian-friendly city. There are so many herbivore-styled food spots throughout the town that it can be overwhelming to choose where you want to eat. However, these three places are definitely highly recommended. They are tasty, trendy, and, most important...
A terrific source of beta-carotene this healthy vegetarian friendly recipe makes a wholesome soup for all the family to enjoy.
Lots of scientific research indicates that vegetarians have lower risks of chronic diseases compared to meat eaters. In recent times, a lot of people interested in vegetarianism, but some are unsure whether vegetarian food habit is well-balanced and suitable for them.
This article is about a plant-based diet that is made purely from vegetables for a perfect health.
Can cats have a vegan diet? Is it okay to feed potatoes to cats? What happens when a cat is fed a vegan diet? Do cats have to eat meat? What is a good pet for a vegan?
What should we really be doing this season. Eat, drink, be merry? Or should we take a more sober look at the world and what we can do to change it?
The cause of life's Longevity has long been in search over the years, thanks to science and technology which has brought to fore certain hidden facts on our daily recipe. Today we are in limelight in this regards and can boast of those foods with life longevity as contain in th...
I think we are all familiar with the word "vegetarian". So, In this article, I will tell about the advantages of becoming a vegetarian.
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