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I feel different these days. It's like things matter less. I kind of like it because it feels like I have evolved, while at the same time I hope I don't let my entire life go completely.
God now sends Locusts in great numbers to destroy the little vegetation left by the hail. This is followed by three days of darkness in Egypt.
The place that inspired Maestro Rodrigo to compose his Concert for Aranjuez and one to go on each season.
Enjoy living with flying squirrels and monkeys and often go trekking in the wilderness. Listen to the chirping of the birds, the chirrs of insects and the crows of the fowls. Your health will definitely improve. Most of those beautiful trees in the forest have taken at least fifty yea...
Looks like the world will live longer than we thought it would. Here some shocking discovery regarding the earth's ozone layer.
Green beans are very good vegetable to eat. They are very easily available and are very cheap. Same is true for the corns which is another major ingredient in this recipe. This is a very tasty dish and also a very healthy dish. In this dish we tend to use frozen green beans and corns ...
Thеrе аrе mаnу dіffеrеnt "definitions" аnd ways people practice vegetarianism. Vegan- eat plant-based foods: fruits, vegetables, legumes (dried beans аnd peas), grains, seeds аnd nuts.
Used for its healing properties for over 3500 years the Aloe Vera plant is known as the 'Miracle Plant' and has approximately 400 diffeent varieties.
Thoughts on how stoneage people ate and lived with a recipe`
A history on Greek Masks and their origin and uses. Did you know that men in Greek Drama had to play woman's parts???
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