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How the Jamaican Government was underthrown in 1980 and how the very same methods are being used in Venezuela today
There was a new discovered dinosaur in Venezuela and it was a Tyrannosaurus Rex's Predecessor.
Pierre Balmain was born on 18th May, 1914, in the village of Saint Jean in the French province of Savoye. He was an only child and his father who was a shopkeeper, had high hopes for him. In 1932 he went to art school in Paris to study architecture but his heart was not in his studies...
......Do you believe that democracy and human rights should be important factors in......
This is an interesting piece that was received by me. The validity of it will soon be discovered within the upcoming week. This article calls for followups from its readers. I hope this will render beneficial!
With the continuing onslaught of Global warming, rising average temperatures of the Earth's atmosphere and oceans, we have to look at how important the humble tree really is.
Today Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, makes his final visit on his America's trip.
A few places to go when the weather is getting you down. Get to the beach and get in the sun!
I do not know about you, but this seems to be the norm these days, and with the way our public officials are discarding the cares of its citizens, it seems as though we can expect much more.
The dreams, bagful as they are, are there serving as the North Star to guide me in steering my rudder of life towards reaching an island of fulfillment; only to set sail again, to another island, as would be in the concept of islands hopping in the Caribbean and the Pacific would be, ...
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