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So many times we need a quiet observations,we need to appreciate the sun's colors ,We need Jesus beside us.
Vegetarians. Are they ruining their health or not?
Sometimes I am led to open up to others and spread the Word of God. Planting a seed in someone's mind and heart may produce another follower of Christ.
Life is full of experiences. God is always there. Take you grains seriously.
My latest experience was seeing a Church outside of my hospital window and the feelings I had about this Church.
I think God gives us all the facilities: mental, intelligence,physical,emotional for us to live happy. Don't try so hard and try not to worry or hurray. The Holy Spirit will guide and comfort you. As a Christian, not a perfect one, I believe God speaks to us.
Light and heavy effects us all by degree or altitude or attitude.
I have an opinion about what the computer and internet which can negative or positive. I have experienced this. I have mentioned some of the sites that I have enjoyed.
My cell phone battery died and it takes ten days to get another one from the manufacturer. I have no choice I had to buy another one.
A friend of mine was hard to reach inside of him. Now an illness has opened him up and now I realize all the pain he has inside.
This is my experience when I had a nervous breakdown, I hope you never have one. It's scary. It's just as tho' you have nightmares during sleep and awake hours,too.
Holidays for Christians are observed especially at Christmas time.
Saturdays can be relaxing day of a week, With the Lord close by your side you will always win.
Some souls may be called into heaven. Walk on solid ground.
I like all seasons, fall is one of my favorites. I like the growing with change.
My daughter, Kristie can be found on a search engine. She is also a writer and poet. I am proud of her. It is a true blessing to have wonderful children. I also have a son named Ben.
Short lived loves are some loves that are just flings and can be more complicated than we expect.
Water is one of the sources of our lives. We all hope it will last forever I am sure.
On Wikinut, we find contrast between our beloved moderators: Mark Gordon Brown seems to show a stern expression, and Johnny Dod, a happy-go-lucky one. I should like to feature them, minus Lalu, er.. sorry I always misspell his name...and pretty Bethany Dean.
Wikinut is a place where you can write a simple page as well as a star page as you get to know the techniques of spicing up with some catchy images and special formatting. I have many friends at Wikinut whose articles I love to follow, and this is a way I can follow them from my blo...
When you try to get a job there are certain rules to follow to help you.
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