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Margaret wants to move after her husband dies, but how can she leave the home they once shared with all its memories? Read on to find out more..
We've officially seen Australian firm Andrew Maynard Architects' pizazz for the surprising with the Cut Paw house. Tower House sees the practice raise the stakes by turning an ordinary weatherboard home in Alphington, Victoria, into a delightful "town" involving various tower-like str...
Red Hill is an Australian made Thriller/Western produced in 2010 with a strong cast under the guidance of Director Patrick Hughes. This is a review of the film.
Mitcham railway station opened in 1882 and closed a few days ago. Now, she is just a memory as the destruction is complete and her former grounds are leveled. This is a follow-up article to "The Last Train From Mitcham" by Porle Joen published on January 3, 2014.
Mitcham Station, Vic, Australia, is not just getting a face lift, it is getting a full body reconstruction.
Victoria secret show is for Taylor and Angel, also Samsung mobile S4 is again in the market, review hot news
If you love gardens, then Summer is the best time to enjoy them. Butchart Gardens is one of the best gardens in North America. If you happen to be in Canada, visit the Butchart Gardens and enjoy every minute of your stay.
Maps and Chipper – The Secret Aeroplane, part 6 - A walk in the Park for Maps and Chipper
Maps and Chipper, Episode 7, Victoria is in trouble and leaves her employ.
After Albert, the Prince Consort died in 1861, she took John Brown, his manservant, as her own.
Recently, my British politics class was sent on a tour of the Parliamentary archives. Initially I was uninterested in the mission, finding nothing exciting about waking up early to go through a giant file cabinet. It was only when inside the House of Lords record office that I realiz...
An analysis of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. It houses an impressive collection of various cultural artifacts and fine art.
Vancouver island is full of exciting things to do for adventure seekers, like bungee jumping, mountain biking. Another attraction is the lovely beaches and abundance of natural beauty. The tourists love the beautiful weather.
One of the most stunningly elegant creatures of the deep, the amazing Leafy Sea Dragon is a marvel to behold, and a reminder of nature’s untold beauty.
David and Victoria Beckham reportedly have entered into a business agreement with actor George Clooney. The couple has reportedly agreed to buy Clooney’s Italian villa.
Miss Beckham rarely puts a foot wrong when it comes to fashion, stepping out in numerous gorgeous outfits whether she is dressing up or down, she manages to do it with style.
Victoria has officially graduated from and finally become a real fashion icon, so it has come as a real shocker that the ex- Spice has decided to ditch her six inch heels.
Victoria Beckham has joined forces with The Council of Fashion Designers of America, (CFDA) to promote their new campaign ‘Health is Beauty’.
As New York Fashion week draws to an end has Victoria Beckham managed to pass successfully as a couture fashion designer?
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