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Ranked the fourth most terrifying destination in America by the Travel Channel, the Whispers Estate never has a dull moment. Dark shadows, whispers coming from the walls, moving objects, foul odors, and active entities keep the guests entertained around the clock.
A brief history of Bodmin Jail in North Cornwall. One of Britains most advanced prisons when it opened in 1779 now a popular tourist attraction and important historical site.
The winter is a season of distress not only to the nobler race of man, but all animated creatures. Game and wildfowl of every species is tamed by rigor. Markets are overcrowded with all sorts of ducks, hares, plovers, woodcocks and snipes. In the mid 1800’s in London hares were a sh...
Innkeepers, Bob and Maria Schmidt took over the Seven Sisters Bed & Breakfast Inn in 2012 after a four-year dormant period where the inn sat empty and the ghosts grew restless. Today, the laughter of ghost children frolicking about in a charming setting gives you the feeling of comfor...
Built in 1834, the prison was designed with the idea that inmates would eventually repent after deciding to leave a life of sin far behind them. Today the building is owned by The Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society who preserves the historical site through ghost tours that pro...
If you enjoy being transported back in time while visiting friendly 200-year old ghosts, then you will most definitely want to visit the 20-room museum that was once the Townsend home that served host to Benedict Arnold, a British Commander, a British Major and a whole cast of other c...
The Grand Opera House is running on full speed and October is a popular month to visit the spirits of the theater. Happy Hour sets off the evening which is then followed by a grand tour where according to the experienced tour guide you will meet some of the legendary characters of the...
The Copper Queen Hotel is adored by the ghosts who once stayed here during their life, and it is loved by the thousands of visitors who have had the luxury of staying here today. It has been proven to be haunted by many different paranormal investigators that have documentation provin...
The town of Tonopah is located halfway between Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. The silver and gold boom of the early1900's quickly breathed life into the small community. The Mizpah Hotel opened to the public in 1907 to accommodate the miners. According to the thousands of visitors who ha...
The retreat by the ocean that offers panoramic views, tranquility, charm, and paranormal activity.
The nostalgic hotel offers 17 highly spirited rooms decorated in Victorian style railroad décor that comes complete with several friendly ghosts that playfully slam doors, shake beds, and randomly flicker the lights.
Jefferson County: The Spirits of the Laurel Festival, Walking Tours, a Corn Maze and a Victorian Christmas.
The Spirits of Inventor George Westinghouse and His Dedicated Workers Live On inside the castle, entertaining and enchanting visitors with residual hauntings.
Feast with Bilingual Ghosts Underground in the Eerie Catacombs
a short story about a lady who buys a flat in an old house and the consequences of buying one piece of furniture.
London is filled with many charms...buildings, restaurants, history filled with amazing people and times...visit it through this writing of mine
Love is such a powerful emotion, a wonderful feeling, a very complex word to use, this time I want to talk about the one kind of love that never ends, the one and only secret love :)
Getting human waste out of sight and smell is an issue as old as civilization. Toilets have always been around and we will always need them in one form or another.
What was once part of our early Industrial revolution, is now a form of sedate pleasure. Let's take time out, and immerse ourselves in the Past... An observers view of life on the Canals of England...
An analysis of the treatment of marriage and family within Anne Bronte's The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Michael Faraday changed the way we think of electricity and its possible applications. This biography looks at the man behind the reputation.
A look at this popular adaptation from the point of view of the scriptwriter and director, and what it entails to make a film from an already published piece.
Or More Cautionary Tales in Verse. Rhyming tales for children with a cautionary twist, circa 1900.
Toys that were popular with children of the Victorian era.
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