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This article is all about how video games are way better than books. For the little ones reading this article, this is great for the ones that are told that books are way better than video games.
My review of Legends of Wrestlemania for xbox 360. It is on PlayStation 3 but I did not play that version.
This article is about Playing Video Games in School/College hours
An in depth review I've put together of Garry's mod.
PlayStation 3 1-Player Action (Multiplayer TBD) Sony Computer Entertainment By Sucker Punch Productions Release: June 7, 2011
PlayStation 3 1 to 4-Player Action (4-Player Online) Sony Computer Entertainment Developer Insomniac Games Release: Fall 2011
The review of the new Fight Night Champion video game, the newest installment of the Fight Night series.
Super Nitendo was the Best Gaming System Ever. Super Nitendo helped me interact with family and friends.
Video trailers have long been around for movies, but they have become more and more common for books as well. But is it really worth an author’s time to create or have created a video trailer? Can such a promotion bring more readers to a writer?
Read Dead Redemption is the next-gen follow-up to Rockstar's Red Dead Revolver released in 2004. In this action-adventure old west shooter, you take the role of John Marston in the west during the year of 1911. Marston, a former outlaw, must hunt down the old members of his gang wit...
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