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A "tertulia" is an informal gathering on which some people meet regularly to talk on a choice of themes and to practice the art of conversation.
Was this site of any good use for any of you? Or, on the contrary, you get bored after a while on it.
Writing isn´t easy. It takes time and patience and the least a writer expects when they share something to be read and commented is respect.
How to help writers gain more views and better status. How I have gained 235 views, and 0.8 status in one day.
If I am going to make the one million views mark I am going to have to start setting some monthly goals and make sure I hit them, starting right now.
After years of blogging and working towards that illusive one million views target, I have decided to come back to wikinut to finally make the dream a reality.
The experiences and the people I met here on Wikinut. The reason i joined and still hoping to reach my first payout.
Writing gives me great pleasure. It is a matter of joy that I haave crossed one million views on this site.
Well if I say it myself this has the grey matter twirling and whirling around and around. Soup to nuts and back again a tale is told with a meaning buried within plain sight...enjoy...some will have a good laugh as I do..
Why do some articles get more views than other? Good information, and hard work promoting are part of it, but articles with good titles and excellent summaries will get more views on their own. Learn what makes a good title or summary for your article.
The opening of the Bali Mandara Toll road to the public was met with great excitement. This toll road is going to make a difference of about 20 minutes from the Ngurah Rai airport to Benoa turning a 30-minute ride into a 10-minute drive. That’s exciting. The Bali Mandara toll road c...
When a man, or woman, in denial, decides to accept a substitute for their family, in the form of alcohol!
This is my opinion regarding the electoral system and the consequences of it as well as the attitude of the elected officials.
. The majority of the members fall under this category of getting one or two payments and then contributing with the hope of getting future payments
Located in the center of the brain, the pineal gland is to balance the two cerebral hemispheres. It also represents the bridge between physical reality and the energy. By balancing the hemispheres, prevents oscillation to extreme thinking. Pineal chakra color is royal blue.
Essence of poetry-building and its' aspects in literature.
Who pays tell me.All sites give you a chance to perform free of charge
All we love to find some comments ....earnings are minuscule ....the number who view.... none can say did actually read you...
Two men who may be seen as total opposites may actually have had similar philosophies about life and love and who we should be as people.
When I wrote my first article, when I got my first follower, and when I got my first comment, I wasn't thinking about today, where I would get my 1,000th nutpoint. But the day has come, and I'm really grateful to be writing here!
With a growing popularity FACEBOOK is reaching to new heights everyday.With the help of stats , facebook is amongst the most successful companies the world had ever had.I do agree its successful financially,also its very popular and people loves the website.But i doubt that it is a su...
There are things that I look at in this modern day environment that tend to puzzle me more and more.
My interaction with so many folks across the Internet ---- inspires me to share my views..... as publishing my book on the HUMAN MIND may be miles away...
Wikinut surprised me by showing that I earned GBP 2.98 in one day.
I am a member of this site since November and I am earning there pretty good.
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