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Surprisingly all roads in a small village with a handful population has all streets named
People often speak of the global village. After I became a member of the global village I missed many values of my native village.
This article is the comparison of Village life and City Life
This page reveals my visit to the granny's place and how unwillingly I went and how unwillingly I came back.......
This page is about rural living which have the ability to give peace to our mind
This article is an outcome of the inspiration I got from reading Sheila Newton's article 'What is it Like to Own a Cat?' that was written for "Mark's February Factual Writing Challenge". I never thought I could write about pets. I was thinking this "pets business" was not my forte. ...
Conch was blown before a battle was started or to announce the victory of an army. It is also placed in the altar and worshiped.
I am here discussing the past life of Indian villages which is now just in memory and i miss it a lot in this fast life of cities. In-spite having no facilities and knowledge as much as we are getting now-a-days, but the standard of living of villages life was in most purest form whic...
My father's story reveals a complex character showing his tenacity and courage, and his love of life. I reveal the harshness and humor of Life with My Father.
A guide to the little-known Dorset village as it is, explaining the history, countryside, people and places which make it unique.
Story set in a Scottish village, in an old fashioned village shop.
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