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Surprisingly all roads in a small village with a handful population has all streets named
On Wednesday, August 26, 2015, I was invited to be a featured performer at the Rimes of the Ancient Mariner Event at the Three-Of-Cups Restaurant in the East Village of Manhattan. Here is my account.
As a child I did not know that my father was behind Santa Claus. Homage to my first teachers who were my parents.
Welcome to the haunted village of Chitina, Alaska is located just outside the boundary of the western side of the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve in the county of Valdez-Cordova. The small community is nestled along the west bank of the Copper River where despite a past ...
People often speak of the global village. After I became a member of the global village I missed many values of my native village.
If you are a frequent Facebook user odds are you've seen Zynga' s many social addiction games of the village sim variety over there... yes, they're a bit late to the party but here is their first mobile outing... which is very important as your about to see.
Village life is mundane and boring but everyone is found relaxing and laughing. But there are those that want to explore the glitter of the city life and find out it is not as shiny as it seems.
I was sad to hear that the actress Jean Kent had passed away recently. I remember watching her as a child in the 1950s, a very beautiful woman, and then she vanished from our screens. Read on to find out more.
Here is a peek at my husband Mike's breath-taking sunset photography and my own ocean-side poetry reflections...
There used to a single-lane road beside my home. It was a peaceful road, just right for morning and evening walks. In course of time, the road has undergone a drastic change in nature and appearance. It is now a devouring road.
Sandra Krautwaschl living in a village near Graz, Austria, his family is living without plastic that means, no coputer, no cell phone, no car etc etc.
The Jiangsu Zin Chang Jaing group is distributed 100 grsm gold and silver bars to 3000 villagers in Jaingsu province on the occasion of 40th Anniversary of their group of companies
A poor family from Jilin province of Northeastern China migrated to the Beijing for the education of their children and due to lack of employment and money they took to the contract on public toilets and living in there itself.
This article is the comparison of Village life and City Life
When a stereotype asks a poor are you poor. The answer is worth listening.
Cricket was one of the gifts that the Englishmen gave to the Indians, when they left India. They call cricket, 'THE GENTLEMAN'S GAME'. But Ironically, not all of India perceived it the same way. Read more to find out! :D
This page is about rural living which have the ability to give peace to our mind
With each chime of Sunday's church bells spring grows even closer, echoing through the village and my heart...
This is a poem of September and the memories of a coastal village I called home.
A white Christmas in New England is a wonderland to behold. My husband Mike has captured it beautifully in his photos with all the amazing contrasting azure perfection along the shores of Maine.
How a chance (or was it Providential?) meeting during a frustrating time at the local bank turned into a wonderful friendship.
This article is an outcome of the inspiration I got from reading Sheila Newton's article 'What is it Like to Own a Cat?' that was written for "Mark's February Factual Writing Challenge". I never thought I could write about pets. I was thinking this "pets business" was not my forte. ...
Forest guard is called when one saw the leopard in the village, the officer has to equip themselves in such that they no get scratches due to leopard punches. See how the leopard attacked on Forest officers.
Robert Frost ,an American poet -was much read and admired for his description of the rural life of New England.His selection of rural subjects has made his work easy to understand.
A village in South India is celebrating festivals without any bursting noise, just for the sake of bats. They are following this eco-loving principle for the past five generations, more than hundred years.
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