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Surprisingly all roads in a small village with a handful population has all streets named
When the interest of the general public is at stake, the government must take immediate and appropriate action to solve it. Particularly, decaying human remains by the thousands must be disposed of properly to protect the public's health.
Due to heavy cold storm in Sanlurfa province of Turkey, Four Donkeys could not manage shelter in the storm. They are Frozen condition, but some villagers provide and saved the donkeys in the storm.
Thick forests have been razed to create settlement and urban infrastructure swamps, water bodies and forests areas have become dumping grounds for wastes.
Tree houses in the north east states of India, Assam and Meghlaya a travel destination for homely food and atomosphere of tree house
This page reveals my visit to the granny's place and how unwillingly I went and how unwillingly I came back.......
This page is about rural living which have the ability to give peace to our mind
Conch was blown before a battle was started or to announce the victory of an army. It is also placed in the altar and worshiped.
A story poem about a young Squire and his wife. After the King has falsely accused her of being an enchantress. The young Squire must turn the darkness of Knights', back into day. For all the willing Knights have failed.
We can not deny, there are so many aspects affect people's welfare. Unfortunately, our government sometime forget to .........................
Previously, Iko managed to chase the Kretec back into the forest but it still unclear how the Kretec returned after Iko destroyed it. The next day, Iko follows the Kretec into the forest and faces him off. However, during the fight, he finds out that the Kretec he killed was already...
Its known that India has made so much development, in every field whether be science, business, glamour etc. But the hard truth is that the rural areas still lies uneducated and under developed.
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