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Surprisingly all roads in a small village with a handful population has all streets named
What happens when someone is invited for a wedding which is too far away to be attended ?This is something which our neighbour, Ramaswamy shared with us.Just read on to know more.Hope you'll know more about value of friendship.
Sometimes we take for granted the services we have in big cities. We forget that these services are often not available in town, village, or rural areas,
Have you ever wondered why trafficking of young ladies and girls could be done easily in many countries? Why do some bachelors have to buy wives?
These narrow track trains aren't only necessary for locals living in rural areas, but also a choice for holidaymakers who like going off the beaten track.
The villages of Dropoli are located between northern Greece, and southern Albania in between mountains and rivers. The villages go all the way back to the Ottoman empire and till today the village population consists of Albanians and Greeks, which both languages are spoken Albanian an...
Ancesters told stories the rivers never tell, it keeps its secrets well. Progress holds difficult ways. Dreams, progress, and time move slowly.
Social networking sites offer users a platform to promote their abilities and allow for works to be noticed by international forums
Sri Lanks’s ancient cities, Buddhist remnants and natural beauty, made us relish every moment of this tour
This article is about the Internet Facility in the Remote Places
This article is the comparison of Village life and City Life
Everywhere we go we see scenery. This poem is intended to spark imagination and humor.
Conch was blown before a battle was started or to announce the victory of an army. It is also placed in the altar and worshiped.
According to recorded history Sri Lankan King coconut (Thembilli) have been brought up from the times of the Sinhalese Kings and have become a remarkable personality of this island. It belongs to the palm family and occupied prominent place among locals and foreigners alike.
Birejji is a very popular and enhanced paid to chat website, this guide is made to be understandable for those who are not natively English.
The truth of the schools in rural area in India is far beyond what an ordinary man can imagine. There are schools with desk and chair but without any students to sit on it, blackboard but without anyone to write on it, windows but no one to see through it.
Its known that India has made so much development, in every field whether be science, business, glamour etc. But the hard truth is that the rural areas still lies uneducated and under developed.
The Taj Mahal complex is surrounded by red sandstone walls except for the side facing the river.
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