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So who are the bad guys in EENDAG? It is here where we would like to make you aware of two characters, Malman Uyz and Muyz.
We manage to retrace our steps from the brink of another world war though our innate urge to tempt fate is alive and well reminding of an elephant’s mock charge! The challenges of pursuing our scientific progress while reining our destructive tendency can be met by finding meaning t...
Villains in movies and on TV have become like gods for audiences. Here is a brief synopsis.
To you, the one that was supposed to hold me in your hand and protect me. The one that should have shielded me and protected me from my pain. I've been lost in pain without understanding of why you left. I have just a few words left for you, the one that has abandoned me. I have e...
The article is on Pran who died on 12 July 2013 in Mumbai, India. I am listing some of his movies which I have watched recently.
Technology is bringing us together in a tighter embrace by the day. Shakepeare's words ring true - all the world's a stage. We have to lend our shoulders for positivity to triumph as technology and progress give negativity too the power to upset our apple cart in no time!
Eating egg has been a popular choice for mankind for millennia. Egg contains the egg white (albumen), and egg yolk (vitellus), contained within various thin membranes. It is considered to be a nutritious food. But studies say that the yolk of the egg is dangerous for health. Is it tru...
Mahabharata is the well-known world epic from India written in Sanskrit, and it tells us the story about the war between the Pandavas and the Kauravas in the ancient kingdom of Kurukshetra. This page is about the hundred villains who were called Kauravas. All these hundred were the ...
Moustache is the beauty of grown-up men. Media is more particular, at least in India, about the moustache of their heroes and villains.
This article will answer the following questions: Who popularized Osama bin Laden? What made him popular? How it began? What encouraged him to stand against his enemy? Who were his enemy? What made him a greatest actor? Who benefited mostly from his actions? Who suffered mostly from h...
The crises in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria have affected the country adversely since its inception. One of the major actors in the brawl is the MEND, the movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta.
Everybody likes to see the good guy win. (Debatable.) But should there ever come a time when, in the pursuit of victory, he falls instead? Let's find out.
This is a spotter's guide to the Batman villain's lesser-known incarnations, from viral video gems to forgotten portrayals and dark origins. Nicholson, Ledger, Romero... we all know those famous clowns inside out, but do we know the real Joker?
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