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The Lord continues to reiterate the importance of keeping the law with special emphasis on Aaron and his sons, the priests of Israel.
A physical relationship with a younger woman is always beneficial. vatsyayana confirms it and in the same breath seduction of a virgin is part of the cycle of life.
This is an attempt on my part to write a horror/religious/cultural tale.  Perhaps on a different world, perhaps on earth.  The picture was the challenge in one of my groups and was written about 4 years ago original title On the Percipice. The picture was a picture of a man-made l...
It is obvious that people can be resentful simply because you are different from them.
Everyman wants to seduce a young woman and some who succeed feel and wonder how it happened.
This poem is being posted on a trial basis as Wkiki has not been publishing any poem without assigning any reasons .Hence a trial case only.
After metamorphosis only love and soul remaining.. in our nature we go with lots of instance in course of time and with our mind. so many changes are made here through man and nature. some are true some are man made but after math true things consist our mind.
There were so many memorable texts from this African tale, check them out!
The joys of motherhood can be an exciting and a fulfilling experience, this is the African tale about a village belle called Nnu Ego, who thought she was being denied the joys of motherhood.
How many time have you read the story of Jesus’ virgin birth (Matthew 1:18-24)? The Bible has a great deal to say about His mother’s great faith. We never have any doubts about Mary’s faith, but how much thought have we ever given Joseph great faith? Joseph had to be a man of gr...
Women who, for hundreds of years, decided to live their lives as men
Virginity is no big deal...The modern generation is miles ahead of us and our ancient generations Hence these are my views
Poetry today... for a week I shall be away... read and comment fill my comment box I say
America took on a nightmare a few years ago, and now we are paying for the results of that election, based on the lies told by him and the media. We are suffering, but we shall endure, long remembering this insult to our country!
Tantra sex is recognized as one of the paths to god. Can a virgin be part of this ritual,
As you read along the lines you will understand the nature of of a distraught friend of mine...
A victim of love. what a sad climax to such professed love?
Some people here are plagiarizing Wiki you are silent!
This page is about Virginity which is important for both genders.
This poem is a sequel to a well published gal ,who learn't only after she had experienced personally
I do not know what day it is today, nor do I wish to. It’s been exactly eleven weeks since I touched a pen and I certainly don’t want to be going anywhere near one. You know you are not doing what you are meant to be doing when you do something which you would normally not mean to...
Nokia X3-02 is not as smart as iphone, but it’s suitable for people who need occasionally to browse internet when going out.
Sacred atmosphere surrounding the hall. When the nine dancers entered the hall, the atmosphere feels more powerful mystical. Every movement of the dancers depict the softness and the majesty of Javanese women ..
Virginity is highly prized an dis given a halo by most religions
Study proves snakes and other animals can give true virgin — dad less — birth, or store sperm for long period. Don't forget the many other 'virgin birth' stories.
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