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We take a trip through the zodiac to see what's in store during the coming year for the natives of each sign.
I do enjoy doing these as I tune into what is coming forward but it is an overall picture so best not to base your lives on them. Like most of my writings, I listen inside and then scramble to put down....enjoy!
Each of the zodiac's twelve signs possess particular gifts they bestow upon us. We are all born to meet a need the world has for us. Read below to discover what that is.
Let's take a look at what the stars have in store for each of the signs of the zodiac during 2014.
We look at the stars to see what's in store for each of the zodiac signs during 2012.
For you who are interested in what August has in store for you, this delineates for each sign an overall picture however for more detailed reading contact Steve Kinsman who is an absolutely marvellous astrologer.
We take a look at the planet Mercury and how it colors the way we think and communicate.
The Sun in you horoscope is always calling to you to become more than you are and all you can be.
If you are interested what April could bring forward for you then check this article. I do write from my heart and look for the positive side of everything. So enjoy!
All about Virgo traits and how they journey through their own world.
I have been writing Horoscopes for many years and now you can read what your sign indicates through these writings. Always remember that this is a broad overview as individual people have individual aspects according to what planets were arrayed in the skies when they took their firs...
Here's my second ode to Virgo, a sign for which I have the utmost respect.
We take a brief look at what the year 2012 holds for natives of the zodiac's signs.
Anthony Weiner was a rising star in the Democratic Party, until he caught himself with his pants down.
We take a look at the sixth house of the horoscope in terms of what it can reveal about your health, or lack of it.
This article examines the life of Amy Winehouse, and also takes a quick look at her horoscope.
We explore the life of Mother Teresa, and take a look at her horoscope.
We take a look at the life of Sophia Loren, and make an examination of her horoscope.
We take a look at the life of Michael Jackson in a short biography, and examine his birth chart.
If you learn all the things planets, signs and houses 'rule', then you will be well on your way to becoming a proficient astrologer.
A song of praise to those born under the sign Virgo
A round of golf will take you on a journey through the entire zodiac. This brief article shows how that happens.
Laziness is one of the bad human characters, which is often gibbeted in folk tales. These tales are teachings about the consequences of it and are also related to the star sign of Virgo.
Taking a look at the sign Virgo, and what it can teach us all.
My experiences with the first astrology teacher I had got me hooked on the subject. I learned much from her, but sometimes her pronouncements were downright startling.
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