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Wait! Wait! Guys this is not what you are thinking. This Isn't an ordinary bracelet. This bracelet is a gadget. Yes, it has its own operating system, RAM, ROM. In fact this bracelet will going to be your latest virtual smartphone.
May it be for real or virtually, no one is an island and everyone needs a friend to call on.
Here I wrote about many things that I think about virtual friendship!
Technology gave us the ease on making things easier for us. Communications are faster, dissemination of information can be sent to millions of people in just one click. But along with these wonderful things that technology gave us, some people have made things to the disadvantage of o...
Technology indeed gave us ease on a lot of things. Our works are easier because of the machines and computers that have been perfected over the years. But what has technology done to us as a person?
The way VPS hosting works is by way of virtualisation meaning full customization is usually made available to every profile holder even though they share the very same hosting server.
Moving away from the virtual world ,yet far away from the real world
This page gives the difference of our personalities in online and offline world
Yes the technology has created lots of room for the imagination. Thus allowing room to confront a situation in a virtual way. is an excellent website to experience playing and learning drums virtually.
A late-night poem, born of lack of sleep and thought soup.
What you will read further on will give you all the data.
I decided to write about this topic because it hit close to home. While social networking may have its good side, its dark side is what we should worry about. Many people are able to humiliate, attack or degrade other over the internet using Myspace or Facebook. In this case, there i...
Feeling bored staying at home doing almost nothing? Wanna immerse yourself in a virtual Hawaii and driving different makes of cars around Oahu island? Perhaps you may want to try Test Drive Unlimited by developer Eden Studios and publisher Atari Games.
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