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Another wonderful moment recollection all happened in a humbling day's work of being an educator.
This page encourages us to be humble in order to live in peace with the world around us.
I once read somewhere that ‘patience is the greatest of all virtues and the least understood‘. The Biblical Job was a man whom even his best friends did not understand but whose name today, is synonymous with patience.
Qur'an is the last testament. Read and understand it.
This is the 12th part of the series "Microthemes" by Williamsji Maveli
An attempt to list the fundamentals of prosperity in life.
I wanted to write a story with an a surprise ending, nothing world shattering, just something that would make my reader give a little smile, sometimes when we wake, we take a little coffee to give us a lift, well here is my lift to you, just something to make your day start off with a...
This page is about Virginity which is important for both genders.
This is a very short essay on the meaning of truth and logic in philosophy
The Tour de France cycling race features a phenomenon where the cyclists cling tightly together in a pack called a "pelaton." Likewise, the character traits of virtue cling together producing a cool picture of morally sound living.
The world and all things in it are precious and valuable, but the most opposite valuable thing in the world is love Do you agree with me my darling? The most virtuous are those who are contented themselves with being virtuous And among them are you in particular and everybody in gener...
John Milton (1608-1674) towers over all his contemporaries.His conception of poetry grew fervently didactic;it was to be "doctrinal and exemplary to a nation"and "of power beside the office of a pulpit,to inbreed and cherish in a great people the seeds of virtue and public civility,t...
I once experienced a situation where two individuals fought recklessly because of $20. And what is even more appalling is the sequence of events leading to the fight. Just simple human tolerance and a little exhibition of meekness would have solved the problem. Is this virtue still in...
Nobody can control the rising and falling of a tide on the sea. In the same way, nobody has control over time. Time has its own course. It comes and goes. We have to utilize it wisely.
We usually fritter away the advantages of brilliant mind,qualifications etc by our show of arrogance. A little humility on our part could have made a difference to the battles we lost by acting self-righteously.
"Modesty", a great virtue, not seen usually. Especially the educated and resourceful individual often acts with some ego or "I know all" attitude we wish a little modesty would have made them great a person . Now read this acrostic story:
Going on a family vacation with kids is always a daunting task more so when it involves changing 2 flights each way. On top of it if you lose your money at the fag end of the trip it could really be very nasty.
Love is the antidote for hatred, and goodwill for anger: the presence of one implies the absence of the other. Anger, on the other hand, is defined as an attitude, which wants to generate violence, an agitation against something either animate or inanimate.
This article is a concise summary of virtue ethics and its main points.
Socrates meditated as a spiritual practice, and in his writings is the proof of his awakening methods.
The problems we face in our individual lives, in our families and in our nations are greater than any of us can solve with our own judgment. They are problems for which we need inspiration and spiritual guidance. The things of God are understood by the spirit of God. What we all need ...
Gratitude is the beginning of wisdom but true wisdom cannot be obtained unless it is built on a foundation of true humility and gratitude. Gratitude is the beginning of civility, decency and goodness. The absence of gratitude signals a lack of appreciation and an ignorance that comes ...
The thrift and industry always go hand in hand. They are virtues that will heal our hearts, homes and nations. The thrift and labor of the people make a home, a nation, a community and make a family strong and independent.
This is another love of sharing. I see that forgiveness, mercy and compassion are the essence of goodness. We need these qualities in homes where tiny hills of misunderstanding grow into mountains of argument between husband and wife, parents and children, friends between friends, nei...
I can still remember. Mother gave me to understand in no uncertain terms that among the peoples of the world there is neither inferiority nor superiority – that we are all sons and daughters of God and therefore sisters and brothers with each other and that we have the obligation to...
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