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The Ebola virus was first discovered in 1976 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since then, according to the WHO, there were 15 epidemics in African countries.
Welcome to Wikinut. Are you tired of errors in windows because of virus?
Hepatitis is caused by a virus which attacks the liver and bring about various dangerous type of changes in general health.
Cоmрutеr vіruѕеѕ оftеn саuѕе mоѕt оf thе рrоblеmѕ іn уоur PC thаt mау rеquіrе аn еxреrt hеlр оf а соmрutеr rераіr рrоfеѕѕіоnаl.
Spyware can be a category of malicious software that secretly obtains information about your personal computer user's and sends it to some vacation devoid of the user's consent.
This article is about the Best and Free Anti virus program..
This article is about email virus which is spoiling our contact details in our address book
A computer virus can cause a lot of damage. Find out infection, indication and prevention.
A new virus : The Gardol. This morning I woke up with the Gardol in the head. Probably the Gardol was the main protagonist of my nightmares tonight. The fact is that I can’t stand this word in my head. I Continue to repeat it, I continue to sing it obsessively. Give me the Gardol....
Having a good anti virus and anti maleware program in our system is always good and avoid unwanted system problems
There is always a danger of getting your computer system infected by many kinds of Virus while you're connected to Internet. Among the many Malwares that infect the systems are the Threats that exploit them when you access a website that contains the suspicious code embedded in its p...
This page is dealing about cell phone and virus. Keep your phone safe
Feline distemper is preventable by vaccination. You can spare your cat form this deadly disease by following your veterinarian's vaccine protocols.
I still sometimes have clients that are reluctant to have their pets vaccinate for rabies. Events of the past few weeks however remind us that rabies is still a very real public health risk.
As part of my son’s preparation to leave for Brazil he needed the Yellow Fever vaccination, which he received at our Physician’s office. After leaving we received an email from him that he hadn’t received the proper documentation for the vaccination and wouldn’t be able to go...
This article is intended to act as a reminder to review your PC's protection and ensure that you are able to ward off the latest types of attack. Read, think about how this may apply to you then ensure that you have all the latest defences active.
Computer Virus is dangerous if not removed. A guide to help you guys.
Computer viruses are the killers of the Internet. This article will help you avoid their steely jaws.
It was observed that influenza epidemics characterized by cough and fever occurred more frequently at certain times of the year.
A comprehensive list of the ways people allow their computers to be infected with all kinds of malware (adware, viruses and spyware), followed by advice to help computer users keep their machines malware-free!
All of us need to make ourselves aware about treating sore throat rather rapidly because of the seasonal changes. These changes have lot of impact on all of us at one point of time. Here are few tips hat can help us get rid of sore throat and help us comprehend better.
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