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Is it a head cold I have today? Feels like it. Over the next days however, what I thought was a head cold turns into some very serious thing that seems to suppress my will to live.
Some strong reasons people create viruses are as follows: Take control of the target computer. Bring up the anti-virus business potential. To test the script
If the user then exposed to virus Stagefright components such as cameras, speakers, microphone and buttons on Android can be controlled by the owner if the virus and hacker reportedly are located in the same network as the target then the virus can spread without having to use a trigg...
Crysis 2 is shooting PC game which is developed by Electronic arts (EA sports). It is one of the best first person shooting PC game. Crysis 2 also works in platforms like Windows, PS3 (PlayStation 3) and Xbox 360 etc. It is the second part of the crysis game which was released in the ...
Malware generally refers to the computer programs that are designed to harm the legitimate users of the PC, who can be you too. Malware can be of so many forms, the most famous of all being computer viruses, but others are dangerous too, some even more so than viruses.
this page talks about the origin and development of the ebola virus
Your little one is sick again – there’s a runny nose, a nasty cough and a fever. But is it a virus which will mainly respond to rest, fluids and mum’s care or do you need to head to the doctor for a prescription of antibiotics? Many viruses and bacterial infections can appear to...
How a Third World Country, which can't deal with Chikungunya is going to disappear if Ebola arrives
How the spread of Ebola in not only the US but the rest of the world could be stopped
Most people who are loving their pets usually share a bed with their pets. But, there are things you need to consider if you like to share a bed with your pets.
The majority of people in the world is familiar by the chickenpox disease. This common disease actually can be prevented by injecting the vaccine into our body.
trying to get ideas for a good brand for a laptop and affordable
My child is constantly coming home from school with some ailment. I being her mother, don't want her to be at school if she isn't feeling good. But Her Daddy said enough is enough and made a rule about when I could check her out and when she needed to stay in school.
This tutorial is for preventing from virus without antivirus. In this you need to use Task Manager and you have to check constantly, which types of process are running.
Zip and RAR is one type of encryption that will decrease the size of zipped content.
In a hidden cabin in the Australian countryside, two brothers hide from the deadly Red Queen virus that has spread across the Earth leaving death in its wake. This is not like any other apocalyptic virus story you have read. Red Queen is by Australian writer Honey Brown - this is a re...
Over a thousand dolphins have died in 2013 infected by a virus present in the waters of the east coast of the United States, from New York to Florida, revealed a maritime biologist.
Beware, Trojan may infected your computer already without you recognize it. Learn how to know about Trojan, how to detect Trojan and How to remove Trojan from the computer immediately.
According to (AP) what seems to be a treatment for cancer, accidentally turned into a cure for HIV. Two patients who were confirmed to be HIV-positive in the United States having gone through a bone marrow transplants that was meant solely to treat their cancer, turned out to have en...
Emma a 6 year old child is suffering with Leukaemia and as a final risk of trust the doctors are used HIV infection virus to cure the Leukaemia.
Cоmрutеr vіruѕеѕ оftеn саuѕе mоѕt оf thе рrоblеmѕ іn уоur PC thаt mау rеquіrе аn еxреrt hеlр оf а соmрutеr rераіr рrоfеѕѕіоnаl.
Spyware can be a category of malicious software that secretly obtains information about your personal computer user's and sends it to some vacation devoid of the user's consent.
Be vigilant of your children online activities. Read more on how to protect your children from internet threats.
Understanding the science behind arthritis is difficult. If you have arthritis, it is important to understand more about the disease and to get a clear picture of what is happening in your body, especially if you want to find alternative ways to help combat your inflammation. This a...
it is well-known that diseases spread through drinking water. if we drink pure water, we will be safe. otherwise we'll get into trouble. so we must be on high-alert while drinking water either inside or outside home.
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