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Inspired Vision with Tears in My Eyes..When I recall my lives blessed moments...the first anyone would closeted in a hospital at birth then helpless even animals kid's are not ...we enjoy no freedom now read on
and this is life..We each one has ones own vision about life you may have ours
Vision of love Tell me of a single one who has not lost some dear one and has not later overcome life has yet not been undone.
in this article I will share with everyone how I have experienced that vision boards do work, and why.
We can all in our minds visualize images, situations or use our imagination skills while we are daydreaming, but how can we make them come true? How can we create a story for our sub-conscious mind, in order to create an attractor field?
This was a vision I had experienced while in the middle (well, nearer the end, actually) of making love with my husband. This vision had real meaning in our relationship.
Where there is no vision,the people perish,but he that keep the law happy is he.You will observe that one characteristic of the glorious end time army is vision.
KaiLuk trembled and sat down. The monster watched his every move with its small angry eyes. It roared and KaiLuk shivered anew. His body was soon wracked with uncontrollable shaking. He felt himself being consumed by hunger, thirst, and fear. He made a silent wish that somehow th...
The bear heaved and pushed against the stone, then attempted to climb the face of it. KaiLuk was afraid to run and wasn’t able to anyway, lest he disgrace the Spiritual Ground of Gray Eyes. The bear backed up, took a running jump, and got a tenuous foothold on a small ledge just b...
Wulf raised a hand to silence him, refused to commence to speak until KaiLuk resumed a sitting position and became very quiet. “You will restore the flame of the spirit of Gray Eyes and become yourself the spiritual leader of the Dark Heart as he foretold. You will make the name o...
This did not sit well with the chief. An enemy could be hunted down, revenge quiet and deliberate in the way of the warrior. No man could hunt spirits and the only one he had ever trusted to deal with them lay dead before him. He wet his fingers with saliva and, rubbing them togeth...
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