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Inspired Vision with Tears in My Eyes..When I recall my lives blessed moments...the first anyone would closeted in a hospital at birth then helpless even animals kid's are not ...we enjoy no freedom now read on
When life and reality strip you down to the bones and skeletal structure of what it means to live, the old mea culpa (Old World dead Latin language for my fault and Old World Latin slang for, "I won't get away with it") comes up. This is the universal unwritten commandment zero or ele...
Enrich in power and authority, John the divine saw the incredible revelation of Christ and was overwhelm by the sheer magnitude of his awesomeness. Christ own declaration satisfies justification. Behold, he is coming amid the clouds, and every eye will see him.
This is not my opinion, this is a reality for me. It may be concise and to the point, but it gets my total point across about realistic leadership that works, versus unrealistic leadership that does not work.
Around 11 o'clock this morning, I start to lose my sight partly. The last time such a thing happened was first in 1993, then in 1998/1999, and now again in 2012. Today it just gets worse and worse.
Investing money is something interesting for everyone, but what is investing in the dictionary of our minds? Is it just investing in Forex , buying a house and buying a land or it has other meanings for us too? Please read this page to see my other meaning for investing
We live life like robots when we live governed by our autonomic programming. One of the ways we can change this and reap the benefits found through living each day as though it were new and exciting is to look through the eyes of a child. This short essay offers seven ways in which we...
Vision statement on the one hand stretches the boundaries and direction about how employees are to conduct themselves, and on the other hand stimulates them to put in their best.
I am glad when I am able to put pen to paper in any given situation.
This is the verse I wrote for my wife on Valentine Day.
If you have watched the political process, especially in the United States, the last couple of go rounds, none of what I have to say is surprising - or shouldn't be.
and this is life..We each one has ones own vision about life you may have ours
Vision of love Tell me of a single one who has not lost some dear one and has not later overcome life has yet not been undone.
Maggie has a disturbing vision. It affects Stan. Will he respond?
Felipe visits the minister's stateroom but refuses an invitation to spend the night and returns to the room that he shares with three others. His thoughts return to his sexual preferences and he becomes angry until he has another visit from Andrew.
City planner Steve Metli is retiring. He was a great visionary for the city of Sioux Falls, SD.
While his logical mind tries to convince him otherwise, Felipe is certain that he has received a message from Andrew.
Mona and Felipe return to Southern Arm and everything appears normal until tragedy strikes.
We tend to interpret truth and facts to suit our short-term goals and self-interest. The way towards coexistence is through having a common vision based on facts leading to truth. It is time we looked ahead leaving behind baggage that has only served to divide us
Aftermath of a stroke - limited vision - lessons in life
This poem is about a beautiful woman. This woman is beautiful inside and out. People always want to be around her.
downward advance in what looks like a ladder, my hands are white, my hair is white ... dandelions seeds flying beside me, flying slowly, smiling at me.
A rose of fire, that was the vision tonight. vision tonight...
The eyes are the window to the soul is an old saying.
This poem paints the picture of a dream without an action. Although we may pretend to ourselves, this is exactly what our plans or routines look like each time we fail to take the bull by its horns. Wake up and do your thing!
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