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Inspired Vision with Tears in My Eyes..When I recall my lives blessed moments...the first anyone would closeted in a hospital at birth then helpless even animals kid's are not ...we enjoy no freedom now read on
and this is life..We each one has ones own vision about life you may have ours
Vision of love Tell me of a single one who has not lost some dear one and has not later overcome life has yet not been undone.
A parallel universe is a universe that exists in conjunction with our universe, either synchronously or alternatively, meaning it's either exactly the same, or exactly the opposite. (research for my novel" Parallel Realities.)
in this article I will share with everyone how I have experienced that vision boards do work, and why.
We can all in our minds visualize images, situations or use our imagination skills while we are daydreaming, but how can we make them come true? How can we create a story for our sub-conscious mind, in order to create an attractor field?
This first page on Wikinut is a personal story about how I became an author and why do I write on the topic - Visionary fiction.
This is part 2 of the mentality of a poet, ... part 1 ...
This was a vision I had experienced while in the middle (well, nearer the end, actually) of making love with my husband. This vision had real meaning in our relationship.
Writing articles in a public forum, even for a person who spends the majority of their life writing can be quite a challenge. Each of us must conquer that fear in their own way. Yet the important aspect here is that we have something important to say - ever had a viewpoint about a sub...
Maybe God is waiting for you to get the victory over an area in your life, that you have struggled with for years, today is your day for the victory. Before you can step out into greater dimension of ministry, there may be some loose ends which need to be tied up.
Where are our true leaders – people imbued with the guts to do what we should, to make this earth a place in which we can all again be proud to live in. Truth be told – there is nothing or hidden about what TRUE leadership entails. The essence of truly great leaders may be as rare...
We are coming to the end of an era. We know it and we feel it, but we don't know what is going to happen and how we will fare. Neither did my grandmother back then ...
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