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Inspired Vision with Tears in My Eyes..When I recall my lives blessed moments...the first anyone would closeted in a hospital at birth then helpless even animals kid's are not ...we enjoy no freedom now read on
Vision statement on the one hand stretches the boundaries and direction about how employees are to conduct themselves, and on the other hand stimulates them to put in their best.
and this is life..We each one has ones own vision about life you may have ours
Vision of love Tell me of a single one who has not lost some dear one and has not later overcome life has yet not been undone.
This short story is about a man named John. He had been born into the Christian faith, but he left this to make a search for the truth on his own. He never found it. Maybe he did find some small fragments of truth, but none of these satisfied him completely. When John was nearly si...
I wrote this poem to celebrate dreams. I remember Joseph the Dreamer, how he was jettisoned and laughed at. I remember Martin Luther King's "I have a dream", how it was shelved under the carpets of negligence. And I remember Time, how it proved the doubters all wrong. This is my story...
in this article I will share with everyone how I have experienced that vision boards do work, and why.
We can all in our minds visualize images, situations or use our imagination skills while we are daydreaming, but how can we make them come true? How can we create a story for our sub-conscious mind, in order to create an attractor field?
Are visions as seen by prophets actually telepathic images and/or holograms transmitted in brainwaves? And dreams, what are they? The Mancharians answer these questions, among other things, with less than terminological difficulty. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Don't give up on life because of temporary disappointments. Disappointments will cause you to become better not bitter.
Living a genuine and unique life of true contentment.
Sometimes you have to start over to get back on track with life.
This is a poem on how life is going on at a fast pace. Days fly by, by the time you turn around another day has arrived. Days fly by and we become old with time until finally Father Time steps in to remind us that it is time to say our final goodbye. Image Credit - freedigitalphotos...
Lined and wrinkled...the passage of time moving, yet standing still
Praise for those who keep stories alive, either by memory, or by the penning of them!
January 1st brings in the new year: 2013 is here and I have made some goals/visions I would like to accomplish, or at least start this year. But, I need to be organized, so I have decided to write a list of the things I feel that are the most important to start/complete. Then putting ...
An interesting story. Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult is a great book to read.
A personal favorite of mine, I feel as though Mother Nature has been speaking with me lately. Through this communication, I've recieved visions of, not sugarplums and fairies, but of my future, a peaceful pasture awaiting new life. As well as visions, the ability to speak with Mother ...
This is a diary, a picture, and a poem. I felt like doing a little sharing and soul purging.
The rumbling of thunder in the stomach is over indulgence in sinful activities not sensitise to the feelings of others, understanding how to get rid of flatulence when it is casing the body distress could be the key for bloated ambitions
This is about the last lifetime of a woman who has done much evil but now at the very end forgiveness is given by her to her and by the Being of Light who watches over her (and all of us!!!!)
What are our dreams and hopes? Even if our life is short – very short?
This was a vision I had experienced while in the middle (well, nearer the end, actually) of making love with my husband. This vision had real meaning in our relationship.
What it feels like to die and experience a loss of identity and corresponding amnesia, loss of memory of who I am. Then to regain identity and purpose for living.
~the long-haired prisoner~shaved off all his body hair~explained to me on my first & last visit~there’s a war inside~a man can’t have nothin’ anybody can get hold of~8 & ½ years in the hole~incorrigible~he cut off more than his hair~
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