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Mother and Father have asked me for days if I'd like to go with them on Sunday to Uncle Dawsey and Auntie Saffy. Aunty Saffy is Father's mother's sister. I had such resistance in me. I was almost angry at them. But why though?
From time to time, interesting animals seem to appear in places you wouldn't expect them to appear in everyday life. We had such a cool character appear recently...
It's 4:09 in the morning and I'm awake. Convenient, as I have been thinking of getting up at 4am in order to get ready so we can leave at 4:45am. I get ready and about 5:10 we are all ready to leave.
Following is the RSS tutorial which will help you and you will be able to get a healthier plan and understanding regarding what RSS is and the way it works.
Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest in the world. Are you interested to have a memorable camping or journey as a tourist in this forest? Tourists are highly interested to visit this forest for adventure with the beautiful scenarios of the forest. The shape, area, varieties of ani...
Sibenik is located on the Sibenik Riviera in Croatia. It is replete with monuments, churches and fortresses. Being surrounded by the sea, this is a place where one can take pleasure in swimming. Naturistic swimming is encouraged here. It is home to some famous people like Faust Vranci...
My first GREAT grandchild was born on 27th February, and I would like to introduce her to you. Read on to find out more.
Original religious atmosphere and beautiful beaches are two things that you would have encountered in Bali which is difficult to find in other places.
Well here I go again extolling the many pleasures of two superb places situate in London town on Westbourne Terrace where once I lived in a mews flat..such fun those days when close contact to the Beatles came my way...not close enough though!!! Some of the best French cuisine to tit...
A glimpse of my memories of our Beloved Pope John Paul II. I was only 10 then, But I can still remember what had transpired on that special day in our city.
Looking for a town where you will feel like at home? Belgrade is right place. Well known for friendly people, exciting nightlife, unique architecture.There are a lot of things to do and see.
There are so many beautiful places to visit when you travel to Hanoi. It takes you at least 5 days, 4 nights to discover almost these beautiful places. But if you have just only 1 day to stay in Hanoi, this article is good tip for you to have full feeling about Hanoi.
Visiting Belgrade, one of the prettiest places at Balkan is such an adventure. Well known for its extraordinary night live, unique architecture and friendly people.
This delineates the journey of a soul into God of the Heart. Steps to be taken...questions not to be asked...negativity blocks from knowing the joy of spirit that resides everywhere....some here are already upon this journey.....enjoy..
Are you ready to travel? Well you may think you are ready for that international trip, but the immigration official may have different ideas. Here are several reason why you will no get let into the country of your destination.
I think that most of us enjoy visits from our loved ones. It makes us feel special when someone comes to see us, it means that they care about us.
This is good news for Keralites about the four day visit of Britain’s Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker. We, Keralites are really proud and are really honored by your gracious visit to our Kerala, God's own country. Have a nice stay and celebrations - WILLIAMSJI ...
This article introduces the wonderful nation of Malaysia. A country with a wide range of attractions that is often overlooked. It is a developed nation and the low cost of living and the many tourists attractions makes it a nation to be visited.
a short poem about wales and it`s great past of myths and legends, a place for all to visit.
This article is about why visiting madrid is great for budget travellers
Returning for a visit to something or someone from the past carries some risks. Often, things seem to have changed but we can never be certain exactly what they are.
April Poem A Day Challenge Day 2 Visitor Poem. In this case the Holy Spirit of God. This is also the 1,100 poem I have written in my life.
A guide on the Great Orme, which is a well known piece of land in north Wales, a place I used to visit a lot when I was a child.
Have you ever blacked out or fainted during a routine checkup at the doctor's office? Unfortunately, this happened to me. Read about my experience and hopefully the warning signs may prevent you from going through the same trauma.
Lenten season takes us back to the purpose of Jesus coming to this earth. Herod of Christmas (may be a different Herod) comes again at the end of Jesus' life. Nativity period of Christianity comes to an end with Epiphany, commemorating the visit of the Magi from the east. It is an int...
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