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April PAD Challenge Day 14 from Robert Brewer write a sonnet. This sonnet can be a rhyming or non rhyming 14 lines. This one is non rhyming.
Every year vivid sydeny light festival was celebrated in the moth of May to June with different lighting projections on different parts of the city.
Artistic interpretation of a fascinating painting depicting hardship, innocence and destitution using an innovative array of colour and blend.
A short review of a captivating piece relating an intense concoction of vivid city lights and their fierce clash with impending nature.
Lucid Dream Tonight and feel the other world,a world of your mind is creation,explore yourself and experience a whole new world of your fantasy.In this page i will try and explain to you everything you need to know on How to Lucid Dream and i will share with you my personal experience...
The siblings must leave their magical friend but they promise to soon return.
Oceanic emotions I see in a tear drop! The nature of a tear drop born out of strong emotions is unpredictable. Sometimes any amount of consoling cannot pacify the strength of an emotion that shakes you with its vehemence.
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