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Poems for a rainy, melancholy day or for asking questions that have no answers
A while ago, Marzeus wondered what it would be like to make his voice available for other people's movies. So he went online and found ads posted by people who make videos who would like other people to be the voices for their characters.
Many of us claim to hear some type of an inner voice at times, but where is this voice coming to us from, and which one is the real inner voice? This article will address this question, and it will endeavour to come up with a good answer, or two to it.
This is a figment of my imagination, you can interpret it as you want and do let me know what you came to understand in the comment section below. Eagerly waiting to read your comments.
This page is for those who wants music, especially singing. It can include vocal analysis, features, singing tips and knowledge and many more.
Were you born and bred in an English speaking Country or Island? Does your cultural background influence how proficient your English is? Is their a disparity between how you speak English and you written English? I was born and bred in South London and both of my parents were born on ...
this is about a house that is haunted with a hundred people it. no one can get rid of them because how many there are,
This is about a little that hears thing in her room and in her head.
Sometimes just the sound of his voice can change everything.
All human beings have a little voice in their head that tells them what to do and usually it’s wrong. Like all of us, we don’t follow our hearts or guts, we keep listening to the little voice and we end up doing something wrong that it’s so hard to get out of. When the day comes...
A naani poem about the value of honesty and truth in process of acquiring self-wisdom.
Do you need some spunk in your storytelling techniques? These tips may help you tell a story that will keep your young listeners sitting on the edge of their seats.
I already posted this before that my niece Chloe passed the Blind Audition for The Voice Dasmarinas - Junior Edition here in our locality. She's a member of Team Kristel.
Chloe's journey in her goal to success. Slowly but surely, she will soon each her Star
a song of love with a patriotic view where love is for thee. a patriot is for a nation. he always sings a song of joy for the people not for a specific person though she loves her. he has a commitment to his love which is to his people and his darling as well if his darling has a comm...
We live in a world where opinions and judgements have become sacred cows for so many people...theirs become the only way and inflict this on children they do so the sins of the fathers are visited on their sons and so it on if you will....
Spiritual poetry. This poem describes an angel watching over one. Do you believe in angels? Angels are real! Spiritual poetry about an angel. A guardian angel.
A short poem on how I feel lately about my son being taken away and myself not being given a chance to prove that I am worthy, no one listens.
When I wake up from my sleep I hear many voices before sunrise. The softest and the sweetest of them all is the voice in my heart.
Stage fright can kill a performer's next stage appearance. The first time is important in order for it to lead to another try. Each time you go up on stage is a different experience. This article will help you survive every stage experience.
This is a personal definition of what Poetry means to me. I have chosen words that explicitly convey the enormous range of emotions that flow through the human soul, such that even sadness flows through the heart with bittersweet, yet beautiful music that comforts heart, mind, and sou...
Many still continue to hanker O heavens sake listen to me I have a voice still Are you deaf
Just a little thoughts on how we change over the years how we deal and cope.
A German artist Rainer Tautenhahn, by using ultra sensitive microphone and converted sound waves in to light waves with different colours.
It is always incredible when young people so masterfully play instruments and sing.. we wonder how at tender ages they are so accomplished...I believe they bring this forward from another life and so it is..this is dedicated to a 13 year old young girl who has magic in her voice....
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