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Past and present of a wonderful European city that would make an amazing holiday destination.
Dreams can be very mysterious especially when they don't seem to make any sense.
This article is about the many volcanoes which have erupted over the years.
Surrounded by numerous volcanoes, making Japanese scientists concluded that Japan or the "SAKURA" homeland country as world wide known that is going to disappear in the next of XXII century.
Pompeii is one place which will give you goosebumps a hundred percent. The eerie silence of the inhabitants is broken by the voiceless tales told by the immortalized figures and the walls of a city that echo a time of prosperity ,security and abundance. All of which was engulfed and d...
Hawaii has a few deep dark secrets hidden deep within the beautiful scenery and architecture that makes it one of the most haunted destinations on the planet. These mystifying spirits will make the strongest man weak, and paralyze the faint of heart with a fear for the spirit world li...
This is in regards to mother nature who always lets us know she has more power than any of us.
My experience at Pompei and the things I learned and saw, the temples and every day life before the eruption.
At the end of the Permian over 95% of all life was wiped out. But what caused it?
The first is a short pause-for-thought poem with several alternate but related interpretations. A second poem, also brief, is another nature tone with imputed darkness, violence and sensuality, but little ambiguity of meaning. The third is a very brief blink of thought for poets - no...
Aagashima is located on Volcanic island in Phillippine sea at a distance of 322 km away from Tokyo, Japan. With less populated around 200 people.
What is a real revolution? Is it changing an existing system just for the sake of change?
One of the worst disasters in the history of the United States is the eruption of Mount St. Helens 32 years ago. Let me give you some details about this volcano located in the state of Washington.
A volcano is a conical mountain with an opening at the top called a crater.
They have a usual explosive eruption, sometimes violent as well as destructive.
Father was determined. he was never nervous with risks. He handled all situations with a smile in the corner of the lips
Most geologists (scientists who study how the Earth was made) agree that hundreds of millions of years ago, the continents were joined together. Many geological clues support this idea. For example, on the east coast of South America there is a belt of ancient rocks which matches the ...
Have you noticed how fast time moves nowadays, how fast day becomes night, how big the moon is becoming and sets just like the sun from the horizon...our end is near...
Krakatoa erupted violently in 1883 with the loss of life estimated at 36,000. With the current seismic activity in Indonesia will Krakatoa be next?
Krakatoa swept 165 villages from the face of the earth without a trace, including 36,000 lives. Since that traumatic eruption in 1883 it has been rebuilding itself! Could it happen again?
Don't claim your new country to soon. Things might change.
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