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I started to volunteer at my local chuch in July of 2014 as part of the connection team and since then I also volunteer for the Mitchell Park Domes a few months ago. When I started for the Domes it was the time when I went on disability from my work due to my arthritis in both of my f...
Built in 1756, the haunted Gabreil Daveis Tavern is a focal point for visitors to get a peek into history and paranormal activity. The local volunteers often describe the building as spooky and the majority of the staff feel certain that the Gabreil Daveis is haunted by more than one ...
Why you should care about travel website Caroline's Rainbow Foundation.
Tis the season to volunteer. Learn how to help others have a brighter holiday this Christmas season.
Volunteering is a divine art. It strengthens the bond of love. Being a volunteer is a great vocation. Volunteering should be learnt and tasted right from childhood. The joy of volunteering leads a person to the love of God. Because it is the real love towards a human being that urges ...
This article throws light on subject of peace, harmony, blessings and love in the month of Ramadan through many tv shows. Among many the most famous is Aaman Ramadan by Amir LIaqat.
Raising money for a charitable event can be daunting. Here's how to raise money for a good cause and get the most donations for your favorite charity.
A lot of people did a lot of walking this weekend at our local American Cancer Society/s Relay for Life. This is what I saw and felt while walking my laps there.
We hear so much about how the next generation is spoiled, self-absorbed and demanding. However, from what I've seen, there are a lot of caring, compassionate youth out there. Here's just a fraction of some of the good deeds I've witnessed young people doing recently.
I have had my share of volunteer work and let me tell you it is sometimes just as rewarding as a paid job.
Melinda engages and reports on those making a difference!
London based " Icecreamists" restaurant is offering customers ice cream made with the human breast milk. They have named it as " baby Gaga".
April PAD Challenge Day 8 from Writing Knights to write a poem about Everyday Heroes.
Many pet lovers wonder what it is like to work at an animal shelter, how to get the job, and what it is like. My wife worked in an animal shelter for 5 years, I have interviewed her asking the most common questions about getting a job at the animal shelter.
Many years later, I am not proud of myself, but at the time, I was eleven years old, and to me, this was just the funniest thing. My little friends and I laughed all the way home.
Are you thinking about volunteering this year? There are many great projects that you can get involved with and we have put together some ideas to help inspire you to get involved.
Tips to Turning a Volunteer Opportunity into a Job Opportunity
I'm just curious why people volunteer for stuff. This is just my opinion on it you don't have to agree.
When an idea needs acting upon do you volunteer to test it out? You should! There are benefits from doing so, even if they are not in material things. If you are the one to do it then you will almost certainly be seen in a different light by those that matter.
As a volunteer i will go to the charity and orphanage once in a while and have fun with the kids
Would you volunteer to stand beneath an exploding atomic warhead? Probably not. I know that I would not have, but five United States Air Force officers and a photographer did do just that back on July 19, 1957. A small, hand-lettered sign that read “Ground Zero. Population 5.” ma...
Why, if you want to do nothing, you should always volunteer
Santa Claus comes in every shape you can imagine and at times, he doesn't even wear a red suit or a hat. It is 'the spirit' of Christmas this guy is all about.
This is my version of how Christmas is suppose to be. I hope that everyone who read this this enjoys it.
Ten October activities for dads and their young daughters.
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