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The precedent set by Bradford L. Smith unveils a new tendency in the lobbying domain : to supplant governments in favour of big companies.(1) It is an incidental element from which the new era of lobbying(2) can be inferred. The decisive element is to be drawn from the turning point ...
Here I stand at the cardboard voting booth thingie. Well, it's not really a voting booth, but more of a cardboard desk with a flap in front for privacy. I like cardboard furniture. I wish I could have one of these. Ok let's see... I unroll the ballot papers.
Well, we are still at the voting station to vote at the South African elections 2014, but it seems the problems never end. From the voting station opening late, to their scanner not working, to Mother forgetting her identity document, to our names not being on the voters roll.
Voting... what's the bloody use? In the end, cadres of the ANC who run the "Independent Electoral Commission" (IEC) are going to work it so that the ANC "miraculously" wins by some insane majority. Oh well, I guess going to vote at least gives them something to do: Having to manipu...
Learn what we can do in the present situation. Politicians don't deserve our vote, but we aren't suffering from apathy. We are angered.
Further explanation into the workings and how those "delegates" get to be delegates and how they get tp go to the National Political Party conventions all the time. Knowledge is Power. The People are what makes up this Power. Hence, our Constitution starts out as "We The People". S...
In this piece I was inspired by a quote from our 32nd President Franklin Roosevelt. Here are some ways to get to what President Roosevelt's quote was talking about.
An opinion piece about voting in the upcoming elections.
I have added my daughter to the 'Bidiboo: baby contest' 0-3 year category and hope you can help boost her position up the ratings after reading this page.
Having got used to the modern gadgets and their conveniences, it may be a bit too late in the day to expect them to come physically to the polling booth. E voting seems to be the only practical approach to tap this large pool of voters. Online voting seems to be the only way to increa...
what all should we be keeping in mind before we go to vote on the day of election.
Nov. 5 is Election Day across the United States. Yet, millions of people will stay home. Find out why it's important to vote in every election.
October is said to be another elections for Barangay officials in the Philippines were people flooded the Commission on Elections offices to register and vote.
It is a vote of thanks proposed on school annual day
But as I often say, terrorists won't check our party registration before they blow us up. - Jane Harman
To watch, to behold, the agony of our nation as she is being killed – liberty thrown away!
President Obama, as the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces, I feel should be taking charge in putting out the message that yes, those American citizens in the Armed Forces are still able to vote, it is just a click away. No matter where they are now living.
Mr. Romney did a 60 minutes interview with Scott Pelley, one which I missed. I missed it that is, until a fellow wikinut writer wrote a story about this interview that also included the you tube video of this meeting. The can of worms was then opened.
We will be able to vote against the candidate. Because the politicians have realized that to gain votes, they must do everything, implement any project, no matter how good or bad, helpful or harmful, the important thing is to enter the acquaintances and friends in their projec...
I have finally got around to writing another constitutional amendment which I would like to see in our United States Constitution. I have already written a 28 regarding term limits on senators and representatives. This particular amendment would require a U.S. citizen to pass a test t...
It is time once again for the voices of reasonable Americans to be heard. The Obama Jobs bill must be defeated and your representatives need to know exactly how you feel.
An atheist's view of the Republican Presidential Debates
This article looks at the possibility that American leadership has some psychological issues and needs some serious help from us, the people.
Here is a short explanation of the forth coming referendum on May 5th. In the UK, Why are we having it? And just what is AV?
Voter turnout has been very low in Canada lately. This is especially true with young voters. Why is this? They are not represented because they don't get involved. Here's what young people need to do, starting with turning up to vote.
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