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I have been voting in local Elections and General Elections since I was 18 years old. Sometimes I am so disenchanted with all of the Political Parties and the Politicians on offer, that I am tempted to think that there is no point in me voting, but then I soon realise, that without my...
Having got used to the modern gadgets and their conveniences, it may be a bit too late in the day to expect them to come physically to the polling booth. E voting seems to be the only practical approach to tap this large pool of voters. Online voting seems to be the only way to increa...
March 08th is International Women's Day, and acknowledged throughout the world as a celebration and appreciation of all women, and what they have achieved through economic and social change. It is also a day to pause and celebrate and venerate the woman within...
Nov. 5 is Election Day across the United States. Yet, millions of people will stay home. Find out why it's important to vote in every election.
It's an experience I will never like to experience again. If ever another Barangay Election will take place in Guadalupe Viejo Elementary School, I will turn down the offer to serve.
European nations have given their generally sponsorship to moving the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to the winter, Britain's FIFA VP has affirmed.
It is so amazing how politician can change a view if it will score those votes
Here is a short explanation of the forth coming referendum on May 5th. In the UK, Why are we having it? And just what is AV?
Another short essay about the illogical views liberals have of people with power.
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