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I lean heavily towards Democrats, but I occasionally vote republican when I think that they have the better candidate. However; Republicans have moved to be an unpalatable party for my tastes. There are some barriers that have kept me from voting republican over the past few years...
While we celebrate the events of fifty years ago which paved the way for the historic signing of the Voting Rights Act, we must also lament the fact that regressive forces are now reascending in America.
A few things people may not know about the black history that was never published in the school books. If they were, I would have known about it. I read part of a story today that enlightened me on my own history -- black history.
But as I often say, terrorists won't check our party registration before they blow us up. - Jane Harman
In the present day scenario, governments are elected on the basis of majority obtained out of the people who voted. Although there is nothing wrong with this, since democracy works this way, it would be interesting to note as to what would happen if we could factor in the percentage o...
This poem emanates from a deadly description of liberty voting democracy or free sexing American style.
Republicans are uncanny in their knack for making it difficult for Democrats to vote.
Online voting will considerably increase voter participation, especially among the urban class. When technology can be safely used for Banking, Railways and Airlines ticketing, Securities trading and Online shopping, it is time we started using technology for exercising franchise too....
We take a look at the horoscope of perhaps the greatest American of the twentieth century, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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