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Don't be convinced that you must vote for Hillary Clinton this year even if you don't care for her candidacy.
People have been propagandized into thinking that by voting things will change. Is that true? This article bears the truth about voting.
Here I stand at the cardboard voting booth thingie. Well, it's not really a voting booth, but more of a cardboard desk with a flap in front for privacy. I like cardboard furniture. I wish I could have one of these. Ok let's see... I unroll the ballot papers.
Well, we are still at the voting station to vote at the South African elections 2014, but it seems the problems never end. From the voting station opening late, to their scanner not working, to Mother forgetting her identity document, to our names not being on the voters roll.
There are way too many reasons to avoid voting for Trump. He's such a nuts and a goof ball, womanizer that I'm afraid, he's far from helping the US get back in shape. I mean he has no experiences in politics and he knows little to do his job. Ha, at least Hillary has many years of exp...
I found out that many aren't voting and haven't been voting so that is why the bad guys get in the office cause you're not voting.
I have been voting in local Elections and General Elections since I was 18 years old. Sometimes I am so disenchanted with all of the Political Parties and the Politicians on offer, that I am tempted to think that there is no point in me voting, but then I soon realise, that without my...
Further explanation into the workings and how those "delegates" get to be delegates and how they get tp go to the National Political Party conventions all the time. Knowledge is Power. The People are what makes up this Power. Hence, our Constitution starts out as "We The People". S...
Have you ever watched during a Presidential political year when those national conventions come out and the main media’s news reporters are all gathered at these conventions and are showing all of these people waving their state’s name signs, US flags, chanting whomever they are p...
A few things people may not know about the black history that was never published in the school books. If they were, I would have known about it. I read part of a story today that enlightened me on my own history -- black history.
A certain mood captures the hearts of voters during political elections which influences their votes. This article discusses that certain mood.
This page discusses the importance of voting and becoming knowledgeable about political issues of the day for all, but especially for those who consider themselves Christians.
Today, the other half of the best ever celebrities on Dancing on Ice competed against each other, and 2 more left the ice for good. Read on to find out more about it.
Nov. 5 is Election Day across the United States. Yet, millions of people will stay home. Find out why it's important to vote in every election.
Of all the religious sects Christianity seems to have the lowest esteem in the world. This article tells what it will come to if Christians don't change their voting habits.
It is one thing for voters to vote and quite another to get results. This article reveals what voters are not getting.
I think most all of us would agree that America is becoming something other than what we want or expect. What is causing this change? This article reveals one major problem that must be changed.
I fear Christians have fallen into a "voting" trap set by the secular governing system. The question "Should Christians Vote?" will be thoroughly discussed in the forthcoming articles.
It is time to vote again. So, let's vote wisely :)
But as I often say, terrorists won't check our party registration before they blow us up. - Jane Harman
In the present day scenario, governments are elected on the basis of majority obtained out of the people who voted. Although there is nothing wrong with this, since democracy works this way, it would be interesting to note as to what would happen if we could factor in the percentage o...
Political correctness is now attacking patriotism. Should Christians be patriotic and defend patriotism? This article discusses these issues.
The character and morality of America continues on a down hill slide. Why is that? How do Christians share the blame? This article answers those questions.
Like all citizens Christians are legally and righteously obligated to pay taxes. BUT Christians are NOT subjects of the government (Caesar) like the unbelieving tax payers are. This article explains the difference.
The issue of Christian voting is becoming a serious item of debate and division among Christians. In PART 1 we addressed the patriotic aspect of voting. In this PART 2 we will discuss the Christian aspect of political voting.
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