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A huge decision had to be made concerning mom after her stroke. Should I leave home for however long it will take to care for mom in her home, many hours away, leaving my husband in Maine? This was not going to be an easy decision, nor an easy task taking care of her. God help me with...
While taking care of mom, away from my husband for months, I tried to be brave and give her as much of me as I could. Those days were not easy. Would I ever be able to go back home? All I could do was pray and wait. An answer was needed, for her and for me. Would it ever come?
Shiela and Ike agreed to meet at the mall in the afternoon. Everytime, Sheila asked him to come and meet her, he comes. He told her that he will be there after thirty minutes but she was there for two hours already and she was angry and wants to end the relationship with the man she l...
"Stand still and see the salvation of God." In this modern day that we are living, when problems befuddle us, and we can not seem to find the answers to our complex questions, it would serve us well to learn to stand still, and wait for God to move for His people.
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