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It is problem of urination on walls of public places, even though there are places for urinals. The Occupants of St. Pauli arranged paint on walls, when somebody urinate on walls the wall return the urine to back.
Eastern European people may have been craving for freedom, but on the Western Hemisphere, freedom of speech is allowed while we don't criticize or attack the system.
Sadly, it was too late to try to do a leap of faith. There was an enormous wall between the young lovers.
The world overjoyed rightly with the fall of the wall and the so called defeat of socialism within the Eastern European block, but 26 years on, what do we have in 2014?
On the image I have of East Berlin when I visited it.
The selection of TV wall mount is actually not a difficult thing, however, requires a lot of consideration, for safety and comfort that you would feel.
Viral marketing has always been used by Apple and other companies to create a desire on masses of people eager to own the newest gadget launched into the market.
Empty walls are an eyesore and if you have a lot of them around your home it can look empty. Here are a few ideas on how you can liven them up.
This poem is about birth and death. The time is recorded somewhere on someones birth as well on death. Time is a witness for lot of things happening in life !
It happened 36 years ago, but those who tortured the opponents to the dictatorship haven't been judged yet.
Imagination is the key to upgrading wall design features.
From the poetry prompt of Robert Brewer and posted on Poem for the poemless on DeviantArt to write an on the run or on the loose poem.
A Berlin based media artist, started this Dead drops project while he is at New York city in 2011 at EYEBEAM as artist in residence.
Two artists Frederic Baron and Claire Kito built a 40 square meters monument for lovers using 612 tiles at Abesses Garden, Montmartre in Paris, France.
Crafting various products out of raw capiz material is a long process and requires a lot of effort and crafsmanship.
The biggest challenge for most people is how to pull of the wall paper without damaging the wall. There are several methods that you can use to remove it without damaging your wall mentioned in this article.
This is an article that I have written about the Legend 'The Wall' Rahul Dravid. A true cricketer , a true professional that all Indians would be proud of him being a part of the Indian team for almost 15 years.
The story as far as time goes, is really about a painting which has been hung on the wall for a long time in the Dukes house. My last Duchess is the admiration of a priceless painting, where beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
It is remarkable how changes occurred over time, yet in some people's minds the system still resides
Finally East Germany decided to build a wall to prevent the people from crossing the border The Berlin wall goes up. In the past midnight on the night of August 12-13, 1961, the Berlin wall was erected quickly
I cannot fathom being stuck out on the nations highways, without food and water, or any of the comforts of home that I have grown accustomed to.
Well, not really, I just thought that sounded amusing. /insert thought-torrent here Oh, and "a not-so-hidden message..."
I do believe the darker side of my muse has come out to play.
Facebook is currently the biggest social networking site globally. Measuring millions of daily active users, Facebook has become the most popular mean to share thoughts, emotions, experiences and personal info. But, when sharing becomes too much? It is not just your friends and family...
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