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The gravediggers, the Catholic Jesuits, are a split conscience and we will explain who they are today and who actually set them up. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
This is a little piece of mine that speaks of trying to do better, or of not trying and the reasons that turn away the hearts of those who once so willingly fallowed.
Tokyo-based Miyake Design and created by Kyoto-based Futaka Precision Machinery, the Samurai consolidates three distinctive titanium compounds. One is utilized as a part of the principle piece of the edge, an alternate in the "truss" at the base, and an alternate in parts, for exampl...
This is for all woman you are beautiful you are worthy you are special this poem is for you.
It’s funny how you dream of coming home, playing full color visions of it in your head, over and over again, staring at all those faces you miss, all those places you have been. Every rock, every stone, every mountain and every mountain tree you carved initials on. Every house, ever...
This short story retells the old story of a Samurai warrior's meeting with a Buddhist monk. The Samurai meets another type of power here, and is defeated by it, so that at last he then is able to return to being able to feel the love that he had once felt once so long ago, as a youn...
Many here now have also been at different times of history...if we could look back and some of us can, we can discover what we did right or wrong and thusly make amends. Given we are chance after chance to forgive ourselves and move on...enjoy...
If we really took the time to understand each other's cultural differences and peculiarities, we would be far less likely to kill each other.
The "great" war was trumpeted as a fight for freedom but was it really, or was it merely a fight between the powers of Europe for dominance? In that fight many millions of young men gave their lives without really understanding what it was they were dying for.
Well my friends this is a most strange piece going from soup to nuts.. from high to low ..from heaven to hell and that aint all of it....enjoy!
the life of one of histories most feared warrior. Tamerlane who left a legacy of terror and death wherever he went.
The minstrel returns with his pipers. The play tunes to rock the earth while the minstrel dances his enchanted dances. Dances from ancient times, magical dances learned from before the world was made, dances to turn feathers to polished stone. Dances that can raise the dead.
A warrior is a man who respects others and enjoys nature and the beauty and the peace of spring.
The Countess a movie directed and starring Julie Depy is a quite shocking depiction of -Countess Elizabeth Bathory who in the 16th century used the blood of virgins to keep her looking young. a tale of vanity and horror
At the end of everything, there stands a multitude of beings ready to carry out the last order!
Dieting. One of the more complicated issues. Oceans of information exist. Who do we turn to for the right view? What is honest? What works for me? Waves of thought crash here. You're about to dive into a new program.
Travelling back into the Warriors and Kings of old, how they conquered, ruled and took their pleasuring men and women and young boys...a bit naughty but nice!
A Spartan soldiers, serves in the Army of his country. He is a mercenary; inviolable soldier, tending guard in his country's corners, on Earth's crepuscular void bleeding, twines engagement to twilight receding.
A Sonnet, following the Shakespearean rhyme scheme abab cdcd efef gg A poem about prowess and valor.
General information about the Celtic people who lived in the British isles before the Romans came to conquer.
On the fields of fallen comrades, there stand silent watchers of the slumbering – headstones keeping vigil on our brave warriors.
A poem describing soldiers through a mix of words, and emotions people experience when they think about them.
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