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The Yardstick of Creation! A Compulsive Disorder Which Stretches Throughout Religions and Centuries
The most active period for the Indian Army was when they fell under the British Raj.This was also a very stressful time for the Indian soldiers.
This is my personal story. I was just a little child when I've "experienced " the war
Dreams change... People change... Objectives and means change... How?
It's time to shut down the heart and turn on the mind! Feelings make you weak, so Anna will cast them out! But for how long can she keep all feelings buried?
After meeting up with Karev, he starts the introduction by making it extremely difficult for Anna to keep Alexei out of her heart. Then, they get acquainted and only then, they start fighting. But what if they signed up for something and that something changes?
Second thoughts time was over the minute they lit up the car... Now, everything will resume to kill or be killed!
This is the long version of how I ended up living with the Briels :).
Apocalypse reveals the future life, and while Noah was telling the people about the flood that was to come, they did not believe him and the result was that only eight people were saved from drowning in that terrible flood.
After deciding to leave everything behind, Kea embarks on a quest for revenge. But you know what they say: the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step! Well, for her, this step will scar her forever!
After witnessing the murder of her loved one, Kea decides to cut all ties with her former way of life, beginning her quest for revenge.
Are we living in the closing moments of the last days? the end time prophecy is upon us, and we are seeing the coalitions of world nations trying to get together, without having any peaceful agenda, each country is preparing to wage war on terror.
Of Wars .At times wars become an inevitable evil. We have to pick up arms ere we say Farewell to Arms
After the excellent example of leadership by king David, other noble rulers took counsel together and try to defeat one another in battle strategies.
I won. The exhiliriating feeling of success is beyond words. One has to experience it to believe it.
Brian is a nerd and a geek of many interests. In this article, he will examine his interest in sci-fi. Specifically, what his favorite shows and movies are from this genre, and comments on contemporary releases of some vintage classics.
Dive deep in to the human self as this article takes us on a journey through time questioning our actions and answering our deepest identity questions. Where are integrity, equality and human values? What is right? What is wrong? Are we allowed to impart judgment on others if human i...
it hurts humanity, it hurts my soul, my heart has been destroyed... it hurts humanity, it hurts my soul, my heart has been destroyed...
Every milestone is an occasion to take stock and reflect on the experiences of the ride. I am completing 200 posts in this friendly site where the camaraderie attracts contributors like bees to honey – Wikinut becomes an addiction and for me it is a refuge from a harsh world that me...
They managed to escape their world without a trace... Or so they thought! What were to happen if their expectations will not be fulfilled and the life they thought they will lead was just a tall tale? If they really are determined to avenge their lost friend, they will have to change ...
How monetary policy continues to ignite global conflicts through-out the world.
The most powerful and famous warship in the ancient world was a Greek design known as a trireme. As Greek cities grew rich and powerful, they built fleets of triremes to patrol the eastern Mediterranean and wage war on their enemies.
One hundred years ago, a young student committed a murder in Europe which set off a chain of events that led to World War I. One author tries to see why what happened then is relevant now.
George Washington our first President was dubbed the father of our nation so I was wondering if Hillary Clinton won the next election being the first woman if she be dubbed Mother of our nation or Grandmother because of the time span and the fact she is about to become a grandmother. ...
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