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When Marzeus arrives atop Tower Hills, he is in a real hurry. The first person he meets is Waldorf. Waldorf's truck seems ready to go too. What bad luck! Waldorf drove merely an hour before in his truck and got a flat tyre. It's not changed yet.
Sure enough, the dogs worked down the logs until they had fallen over, with one end sticking into the tunnel, taking up a lot of space and making it impossible for the warthog to move properly in the already narrow tunnel.
Marzeus has come back to the action too. He didn't know if he should just go on home and let the dogs return when they've had their fun or what. But in the end he decided that maybe this is one of those deciding moments of life. Wolverine is still alive and unharmed, so he can still u...
Marzeus is feeling a little blue now. "It's over", he thinks as he looks at Wolverine, motionless with his head pinned inside the warthog's hole. "Guess I'll never shoot that movie with him now."
Marzeus has really bad memories of warthogs. Once when he was thirteen, a supposedly tame warthog came up to him and without a word, ripped his pants to shreds with its teeth in what seemed like one motion.
When Marzeus feels he's at a safe distance, he dares to look at what's happening. Everything is happening so fast. He can see that the warthog has stormed out, and has dogs all over it. The dogs can't really seem to stop it, but they are hindering it as they are biting at it all ove...
Marzeus finishes the outbound part of his morning jog. Now he'll walk back five minutes and then start jogging back home again. He whistles to the dogs so they know it's time to go back. Where are they?
~ a star in the melodrama of her own life ~ ain’t nothin’ mellow about it ~ dead babies & neat tricks ~ these folks say no one ever landed on the moon ~ it was all a put-on ~ like the Second World War and Hitler ~ camera tricks ~ piles o’ bodies ~ full calf black steel-toed boot...
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