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A look at the methods used by corrupt powerful officials to harass harmless investors, domain investors in India
A look at how indian intelligence agencies have perfected the art of wasting the best of indian engineering talent, due to corruption, nepotism and sleaze, to ensure that india remains poor
Every business should know the inventory shrinkage rate which tells the management what proportion of the products are lost, broken or stolen between the point of purchase or manufacture and the point of sale. Armed with this knowledge the management can take steps to reduce product l...
Yes this seem to be in abundance, and so we take it for granted now its chances of being depleted by over usage or even contamination is a problem.
It is the defective work culture of U.P. electricity administration that accounts for about 50 percent of electricity being wasted in various ways with no concern at official levels.
It is strange how we complain about a slight change in our circumstances, yet people are living with very little hope of a change in theirs.
As people we tend to complain, but never seem to or want to factor in the fact that we too may be a contributor.
We by our usage take for granted this valuable commodity. Now it is getting to a state for concern.
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