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How to become aware of and shrink your Carbon Footpring
We're at FNB and our lives are being wasted away, as some incompetent girl on the FNB staff is twiddling around this way on her computer and fucking about that way, but she simply doesn't have the competence to do anything.
Pollution is happening all around us and whether we wish to ignore it, pollution will still be there and the waste all around us will continue to pile. People are sometimes unaware about what pollution can actually cause and can only be astounded once faced with the situation or when ...
What can we do to put into practice the other ignored R´s of the three popular ones? Here are some suggestions that could help.
A cynical yet honest and realistic look at traditional Independence Day waste.
This is the story of what one can do for their country, and how we were rejected when did, and spit on when we came home.
The InSinkErator is a wonderful kitchen utility appliance. It helps one maintain a clean kitchen and disposes of chicken bones too without any hassles. The problems one had with messy disposal bags is finally over. The unit is small and fits snugly in a corner under the sink. Now tech...
Introduction: The event of global warming has posed alarming challenges that prompt us to address our day to day household inefficiencies. But there are easy steps that every individual can take to offset the severity of global warming.
God's will set in the ethers of matter, time, space, past and future of the world. White night formula solves all math and problems.
Every business should know the inventory shrinkage rate which tells the management what proportion of the products are lost, broken or stolen between the point of purchase or manufacture and the point of sale. Armed with this knowledge the management can take steps to reduce product l...
An essay explaining the growing need for cleaner energy globally.
Tons of waste we create annually, much of which is toxic, has to be disposed of somehow. The number of waste incinerators is increasing rapidly, and these toxic-waste plants nearly always end up in poor neighbourhoods.
A short poem about the sea and people who have known cold and hard days. Look out for the seagulls and stray dogs
While some things are a total waste of money, there are other things that you should consider spending your money on. Learn what things you should plan on buying and what things are a waste of money.
The water scarcity and energy supply are two major factors that are behind the price hike. If enough water is attained from the underground water resources the already falling water table goes more into abyss.
How often do you open your mouth and either say something stupid or hurtful? Sadly it is all too easy to open your mouth too hastily and start speaking without thinking. This kind of reaction is something we need to control in order to make the best of the situation.
1. I do not have a life. 2. I am an addict. 3. I use Facebook. The golden rule of Facebook dictates that according to any living being, all three statements turn out to be either true or false. Sorry for pointing out the obvious, but read on. Learn these lessons, and your perspective...
New generation and new technology has started. Old fashioned and classical styles were forgotten. I can still remember those days of my youth when my mother had to use cloth as a baby diaper of my siblings and disposable diaper was never her option.
This article describes about my experience which make me aware to cleanliness of city. Describes about slum settlement especially in slum flats. how the citizen life in small flats and describes some problem of their environment.
Cost controlling and waste controlling seem difficult to implement if not focused properly; managing waste also could make a firm sustainable.
A sustainable or green building is one which uses less water, optimises energy efficiency, conserves natural resources, generates less waste and provides healthier spaces for occupants.
This was my response to an episode of Frontline entitled "Heat." I offer a solution to global warming.
Everyone of us is so good at wasting time. To waste, we needn't be taught. It comes naturally to us. Wasting time is a universal habit. We love the habit.
This article is true story of the latest condition of waste problem in my country, which need advice for solution...
How people spending energy, trying to destroy others instead of fortifying themselves in a positive manner.
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