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A man and his wife split up. He waits for hours on a freezing day just in case, you know
Ericsson recently launched a survey ConsumerLab about the level of indulgence watching or viewer of streaming TV/movie and videos through Smarthpohone, then the results achieved from this survey is quite astonishing.
Will you be watching the World Cup over the coming weeks, for me I won't be doing, maybe if England gets in to the semi finals then I might.
Earn money with your mobile phone when you sleeping
A childhood is faith remembered and renewed in old age.
Technicalities, Little Technicalities...You must never..
Television is one of the main cause people become lazy beside bed and a soft couch, especially with the proliferation of channels that available nowadays. If you have been made lazy by television, read more to find out tips to avoid laziness because of television.
Over and over again our lessons come forth...classroom experiences here in this mortal form...some are heeded, some are not so repeated they are again and again ad nauseum....
Eye of the watcher, the watcher is watching you, watch out for the watcher
A guide to Britain's owls and how to catch up with them
This poem is about certain people in my life I do almost anything for but they show nothing in return but ignorance
He stalked her and bided his time before he made his move.
A poem about watching a star and finding out that it was a comet, A rare and once in a lifetime happening.
Train your mind to be well trained, make you intellect higher, you can inner higher power, and the decision process will be easier.
A brief guide to Kingfisher watching, featuring tips for successful searching.
Off of the photo by Retrubutionist on Deviant Art by the same title. Linky:
A poem for my wonderful Troy although it didn't really start that way interesting how some poems turn around while writing them.
Keep watching and praying that you may not enter into temptation; the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. stay alert, there is much to keep you occupied.
There was a man in the USA – called Mr. Van Doren - in the 1950s who won more than $100,000 on the show. How did he do it? The answer is shocking.
We see many movies based on books, but what happens when popular mainstream books are adapted into movies? Everyone has an opinion on how it should be made, am I right? What do you think would make a better movie?
God created us and has made us live on this earth. He is always taking care of us in all our joys and sorrows. Every second He whispers in our ears, “I love you”.
This is my special commendation to you, dear friends and to all concern I am trying to stimulate your wholesome thinking and refreshing your mental awareness. I want you to understand and know what the holy prophets said long ago and also the kind warning of the follower of the Messia...
Travel to Nova Scotia and drive down Digby Neck to Brier Island where you will find a little piece of heaven. if you are looking for some great easy hikes, whale watching, bird watching, fresh air, friendly people and a good nights sleep then you have arrived.
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