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I surf because riding a wave is a breathless experience, Every wave is a different feeling, Each ridden wave is a personal story, Surf wax smells nice, The drive to exploring and discover new surf spots, Surfboards are objects of design and desire, Gods seem to be around in the best w...
Birds fly overhead, beavers paddle past you and squirrels and deer peek at you from the shore. These are some of the sights and sounds you can enjoy while paddling a canoe.
Super Fast Water Slides are cooooool!!! Sit down and let the speed overtake you as you slip into a fun water wonderworld.
One of the Philippines' wonders is the Hundred Islands National Park, a tourist attraction that is worth visiting. Be mesmerized with its beauty and charm.
Bangkok is attracting Indian tourists with its unique attractions of Pattaya Bay area is one of the biggest beach resorts in Asia.
The rule when shopping for speed boat insurance is to be informed. Here are the things which will help you arrive at an educated decision:
Fuel saving starts in getting the right boat. When buying a speed boat, you have to take into account the length of the boat and the kind of engine it employs.
A ride in a friend's new boat - and him knowing something I didn't - led to a fascinating experience!!
The Second of my Dolly ducktail stories, and a little warning to all you ducks, read on to see what happends.
Alanya's range of Dive Sites enable both the experienced and not so experienced Divers enjoy some underwater time while on holiday in Alanya. Non divers are welcome on the Dive Boats. There are also sites that are suitable for those who have never dived before to give it a go.
Goa has got just about every thing for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday .It has some of the best beaches on the west coast, sumptuous sunsets to keep you enchanted,small and yet imposing hills,old forts to explore, water sports like surfing and jet skies, great restuarants and extreme...
Many accidents on small boats are totally avoidable.
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