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The maps of Europe were drawn and redrawn many times during the Eighteenth and the Nineteenth centuries. Countries became nations and empires which in no time were reverted back to nations and countries. It was not uncommon for people of those times to lay down spoons and forks in the...
The exploits of the brave and popular French Ruler Napoleon Bonaparte have excited me for quite long. Here, I am sharing his exploits, and his rise and fall.
Napoleon lost the battle at Waterloo due to the elements that intervened against him.A day prior to the battle Waterloo and the surrounding areas were swept by heavy rain. The rain and resultant slush delayed his charge as well as made it a slow moving affair. He had not envisaged tha...
Eton college, the number one public school. "The Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing-fields of Eton” There can be no other school in the world that can match the number of distinguished figures that have made their mark on our world.
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