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this is a love poem where you can realize how love twist with nature. Nature is the source of love and we went back to nature when we felt to realize love the only commitment where we stand forever without any cause.
So we are almost at the end of 2013 a year of perfection for some, for others not at all depending which filter you may look through. Now we move into a 7 year when Mystical Knowing will be order of the time...for others it will be quite the opposite...choose you to nurture or to har...
This is my poor attempt to portray the beautiful sight of the millions of starlings we see on a winters evening in England .
A man thought to be insane proved to one of the greatest men in the world
This original poem was written by the author, Jeni Platt, in the year 2005. It vividly illustrates some of the beautiful things she loves.
For the first time, a Scottish marine energy company has won bank funding for its Oyster II marine energy project, combining near shore wave power capture with onshore generation facilities in a new energy array off the Orkney Islands coast.
A discriptive piece of writing of the 2004 tsunami in south east asia.
It was a great sorrow but it has become a sorrow for a century to come, spiraling with the unstoppable and deadly radiation leaks. Japan is reeling under the chain of disasters one after the other that triggered from the Earthquake but continuing to shake the hearts rending them wit...
I am fortunate to have not only known her as the president of the Philippines but to also have been her neighbor in Times street back in the 90s.
That tomato squirted onto a couple of the other party goers and eventually it ended up in a situation where it was a free for all.
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