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At times we make foolish mistakes without thinking of the consequences they can have. When the consequences are grave ones, we feel lost, adrift and deeply sorry for what we did, but by then it is too late, for the deed is done and there is no turning back time. Even the most innocen...
... your worst is clue to your best ... KNOW your WEAKNESS to UNRAVEL your STRENGTH - CONSCIOUSLY
A poem about wealth and delusions, the futility of worldly prestige, and the dangers of storing treasures in the wrong places
We live in a time where some of the prophecies in the Bible are being fulfilled and revealed. Just one of them is that today some are calling evil; good and good; evil. The people are worshiping the creation instead of the Creator. I don't know, but maybe, this has been happening sinc...
Free education for all! For many of us this is a fact of life, yet today there are more than 57 million kids that have no access to education. Child campaigner Malala Yousafzai is trying to change all this and we should be carrying a book and a pen everywhere we go to support her camp...
The poem where is God...Makes one realise that God is around us everywhere in someway or other protecting,loving and helping us...We areunable to realise that...If we could see God in each and everything we see...we will not sin and be haapy!
So many people do what I call the tyranny of the weak..pretend to be helpless and get others to do what they should be doing for themselves...many parents do this to their children (not all for sure!) and the children then emulate so the pattern is perpetuated...
Off the poetry prompt from Robert Brewer of writing a fragile poem. Dedicated to my husband.
Diabetes and hunger seem to be siblings. Both hunger and diabetes are closely associated with each other. It is said that diabetic people cannot withstand hunger. They lose their temper when they feel hungry and their blood sugar level is increased. Frequent hunger is one of the class...
A short poem about life and faith. A "thinking" type poem
It is always good to take some type of analysis on one's life
We all love our life than why is that our heart sometimes cries to be carried away from this world.Why is that the pain tends to become an intimate part of our body which refuses to leave until subdued .
Through 3 episodes, we have talked about Love, its stages, how it is categorized and the characteristics of each of its stages. As we already know, its stages are firstly the attraction and then Love itself. Now let's combine the two and see what we can learn.
Some quests end in unexpected manners. My quest for finding my Alter Ego --- was a journey i shall always remember...
Have you ever felt insecure in your relationship? You'd better do something about it before it's too late.
I once experienced a situation where two individuals fought recklessly because of $20. And what is even more appalling is the sequence of events leading to the fight. Just simple human tolerance and a little exhibition of meekness would have solved the problem. Is this virtue still in...
Have you found yourself in a state of mind where it is hard to stay positive? Honestly, in the world we live in, it is tough to stay positive with all of the negativity around us. Here are some tips on how to leave all that negative thinking in the dust.
Have you ever heard of the Bible verse, "Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth." Does that mean that weak, timid people will be taking over the earth? The answer is: No. The opposite is actually the case.
Although it may sound selfish, this is hardly a groundbreaking idea. Why? Because the right person for us is a reflection of ourselves…
In a society that is obsessed with fame, fortune and beauty, it is a wonder how anyone can genuinely feel a profound sense of satisfaction within themselves.
“Language… has created the word ‘loneliness’ to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word ‘solitude’ to express the glory of being alone.” - Paul Johannes Tillich
This is a story of love,jealousy and deceit. Lillian falls madly in love with Alex only to find out he's about to get married. The story takes place in a 1900's city settings.
Sometimes, we give up internally. We feel as though the end is nigh and you want to give yourself up because you have lost all hope. But hope is never lost as long as the Sun shines.
This article provides useful information regarding fainting (syncope).
A simple note about life changes, experiences, and how people can effect our lives
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