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We can have all you’ve dreamed of if, we are willing to work hard up to your last energy resource that we posses.
Like anyone, sometimes, I do not feel like putting out extra effort. That is when I get stronger in my efforts. Here it is, a formula:
Despite what may be said about outer forces ruling economies, and all the pessimism going on in the "outer arenas". Wealth and productive work are really "inner things".
Today we speak of happiness and to be specific, if whether it can be brought via material wealth or if there is more to life than just money.
Maximizing investments, reducing taxes, and eliminating debt are the best moves at least in making a significant difference in your financial security and enjoy your retirement years. And don’t forget that any sound strategy mostly work as long as you stick with it.
Our society favours the rich and limits the poor. I know many of you will not agree with me, but this is how I see the world.. The rich have for more advantages than the poor and thus far more opportunities to get ahead.
The bonding of empathy factor keeps our spirits up, gives us meaning, and a higher purpose for our existence here. However, we ignore our inner calling to create a lifestyle that is at loggerheads with the creative purpose. An ideal world is far from reality due to our myopic thinkin...
We can stand, stupidly, and watch as our civilization ends, to be replaced by a godless redistribution machine, or we must must articulate a more powerful vision, one that sweeps theirs, however well intentioned, back into the global warming Hell from whence it came. But we must do m...
The saying money has no morals has been around for years, however is there any truth in it, is the money the immoral element or is it the humans and the way they use money.
Attract Money Now is one of the many law of attraction books written by Joe Vitale, who some of you will know from the film the secret. The book is aimed at helping it's readers to use the law of attraction to attract more money into their lives, but is it any good and does it really ...
Instead of focusing all your efforts on just one source of income, why not create several, that way if one project does not pay off you have the others to fall back on. As the old saying goes, don't put all your eggs in one basket.
Recently I have been wondering about how much control money really has over our lives and whether the effects are either positive or negative.
Almost everyone has a desire to be well ~ not just physically ~ but mentally and emotionally also. Many also want to be financially free to the extent possible. To accomplish this, one generally has to be willing to pay a high price in terms of time invested into getting the knowle...
Each of us came into existence on this earth through his/her parents and usually grows to be full-fledged person under their care, guidance and inspiration and most importantly through their sacrifices of their own pleasures for the sake of our comforts and growth.
Love is in the interactions you have with people, in the job you do with a liking, in the food you take with taste, in the nature you breath in the early morning, in your body as good health, and most importantly, love is in a care in pains, share in pleasures and sex-play you have wi...
Shechem, a prince of the city of Shalem sees Jacob's daughter Dinah and falls in love with her. He takes her to his house where they have sex but he also treats her kindly and wishes to marry her. When her brothers hear of this they become angry and vow revenge.
A few wealth-creating affirmations I have used to help me get to the level of prosperity I desire.
An opinion piece that looks at the correlation between money/wealth and happiness, that says that money is not equal to happiness.
The law of karma reflects the law of cause and effect, according to which all our actions of body, speech, and mind are causes and all our experiences are their effects. We are given time and chances to correct our course but we do not seem to care as we repeat our mistakes, play with...
One percentage of the population holds ninetynine percent of the wealth. The poor are continually given their money to the rich. It is time we turned the tables and started to keep the money in the hands of "the little people". How to be smart with your money.
Most poor people believe the rich people did extraordinary things to become wealthy such as rituals involving human parts and sacrifice. They are therefore inclined to remain reclusive without making efforts to improve their financial circumstances.
When most people think of the world's wealthiest people, names like JP Morgan, John D Rockefeller Sr., and Bill Gates come to mind. However, few would have thought that a few individuals amassed a bigger fortune than they did.
It is a poem about the thirst for power of worldly powers which are destroying every thing for grabbing more power.rising high by standing on the corpses.
another month is upon us...nearly the end of the seems only yesterday it was enjoy your comings and goings this month and take good care...
Health is wealth.How to maintain good health is a thousand dollars question.It is a routine exercise to be maintained daily so that under no circumstances the body and the mind suffers One should lay emphasis on the kind of foods-easy digestible foods and regular clear of bowels ar...
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