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Almost everyone has a desire to be well ~ not just physically ~ but mentally and emotionally also. Many also want to be financially free to the extent possible. To accomplish this, one generally has to be willing to pay a high price in terms of time invested into getting the knowle...
This page shares some realities about the importance of money and relates some reasons why money is not root of all the evils. It is man that makes money in an evil way.
Being human with reasoning ability, we take it for granted that we can expect better times afterlife, whatever it means and in whichever form. The Creator, however, keeps his cards close to his chest – keep dreaming and hoping is his refrain with hints that it depends on us entirely...
Dill has become even more popular in recent years due to the Food Network, Martha Stewart and other culinary experts that demonstrate how to capitalize on the flavors of spices that once used to collect dust at the back of food cupboards.
Following law of attraction teacher Joe Vitale is not only a great way of getting some great tips but also some fantastic free books on the subject of wealth creation.
We feel comfort within the bubbles we seek refuge in, but we have to be prepared for a time when they can burst, pop. We are also encased safely in a bubble we call planet earth that we take for granted.
How can we be so right and yet so wrong, when we think we know what is going on is just before we fall upon our face so we might as well be happy ..even when we are feeling crappy..such fun....
This piece is about motivating yourself to do what you were born to do. Do you know what you are to do with your life? This will help you figure that out.
I recently saw the film The Great Gatsby It was an adaptation of the novel of the same name, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925 . Read on to find out more about it.
This describes what I am doing to get off of disability and make my writing dreams come true at the same time. It also asks the readers for help.
There are significant differences in America between what the very rich believe and what the rest of us believe.
We all try to straighten a dogs curly tail But sincerely tell me how many succeed So is it with corrupt progeny they make more yours than their own destiny.
If God is so good why does He help the rich and not the poor. Why do some people suffer while other are looked after.
This page is about the modern people who are spoiling their health due to wealth
This is a short poem to remind us where to focus our attention. The test of wealth is Greater than the test of poverty.
Who can buy their way across the river Styx in death? This poem embraces the idea that the rich should not gain passage and leave the poor to suffer their souls at the bottom of the river for eternity. A beautiful soul is the wealth and should be what buys passage! This is from my boo...
It isn't easy to make a fortune the old-fashioned way, different mind-boggling shortcuts, no matter what you've heard, but I am the man for it.
The word 'wealth' means state of well being but by usage became more and more to refer to those things which generally promote physical well-being rather than the state of mental well-being itself and not to be total slavery to materialism.
Money is not always the issue, if people find ways to save their money, no one would be poor, therefore people would have money and would look forward to a livable future.
This is not my original piece but when i read it i was truly inspired so i just posted it here to share the love
a quick guidelines to gain wealth for the beginner
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