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It is time to redefine our goals to pursue the essentials that we all can resonate with. Now we are putting out one fire after other even creating new ones in the process. It should be a shared journey than one outsmarting another to increase the sphere of influence. Country borders a...
History teaches us valid lessons of life and consequences of our actions. Is it not time not to repeat costly mistakes? We reap what we sow - fair and square.
The summary execution of North Korea's number two, Jang Song Thaek, bodes ill for world peace. With many countries acquiring Weapons of Mass Destruction it is time the world powers banded together for survival.
Leaders from across the world paid deserving tribute to a great leader of our times. And people everywhere felt a personal loss. Let us take the next momentous step in our march to peace and freedom to make Mandela's life leave a lasting legacy.
We need to look at the right place for Weapons of Mass Destruction - within our minds, how we think and act. Let us sow the right seeds to reap peace.
Despite the war-on-terror for over a decade world is hardly terror-free. Western economies have yet to invent safeguard against depression, the Arab world is under the grip of unrest and uprising, and the abrupt climatic disasters are increasing in frequency everywhere. So, how is the...
A new dawn can rise only when we listen to the inner consciousness where our Kingdom of Heaven reigns at least as long as we exist in our present state. A turn of consciousness should happen to refocus our efforts for inclusive society and oneness.
What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy? - Gandhi
I dream once in a while of flying through the air I have no sense of why or where But dreams sometimes might reveal A need to speak of what we really feel.
Instead of tackling issues at the core of societies like poverty, illiteracy, better governance, corruption, what use if all resources are wasted to destroy what have been built over ages, including those at the very root of humanity to survive?
Life instincts point towards preservation, but we find ourselves in dangerous waters, unable to enjoy lasting peace. It is well within us to march ahead with a mission to achieve peace and universal brotherhood and family with the right attitude.
The lightsaber was a weapon created and used a long time ago, in a galaxy, far, far away.
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