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Welcome to the grim world of the deprived Indian child! The future almost always seems to look bleak for them, and never ever rosy!
Want to have repeat visitors to your site? - this topic is for you. Here you can see what will you have to face.
In life we Grow and Go in our own ways, we are influenced by many, many things. Wisdom or the Lack of, is not to say one is not wise, just ill or UN-informed on specifics subjects.
My subject is not too different from those articles that are already published online and are pointing out some tips how to choose the desired website name. However, I may stand for it that my take is something different in choosing a desired domain name which can also be used as a we...
Websites are of some variety, and there are a few ways you can design a website. If you are interested in starting a website, then there are a few tips worth noting.
Overall, starting a Web blog is not the same as a setting up a website. No publishing or HTML software is required to set up a blog. However, there are still a few tips worth noting when starting a web blog.
Here's an article that shows you 10 ways to drive traffic to your website FOR FREE.
Blogs are web journals that can cover a variety of subjects. They are not the same as standard websites because a blog is updated with regular chronological blog posts instead of new pages. However, blogs have become a template for a number of websites. So, they have emerged as an exc...
comments in social media is often used as a reference to increase your rank. and are often used to facilitate the search engines like google to find your blog so that your blog is in the top rank. spam comments are often ignored by the bloggers who do not know the dangers.
When you have finished your original website design, and uploaded the website, the website may be complete. However, if the website is left for long periods without any additional input then the website can become stale. As such, here are a few tips for keeping your website fresh and ...
Web sites can be of a variety. However, overall there are a few basics of web-page design, which should be noted. To start a website, some of the following will need to be considered.
If you are interested in starting a website, you first need to be aware of some of the basics of website design, as well as potential software applications for website design and development. The Web itself can be an invaluable guide in this respect. Here are a few tips regarding how ...
It's Sunday and Harrison and I have an appointment for 9am. We are going to design a website for Josh Josh Mercury, his brand of music.
A quick review of Wix ecommerce editor, the main features, pros and cons.
Are you in the business of buying and selling websites? Do you know that selling or buying websites is a very profitable business? Are you keen to enter the business world of purchasing and selling websites? If yes, then you must understand that the entire process is an art. Therefore...
Some tips to increase your website views. Good SEO articles increase a website's SEO traffic as a result of articles are indexed on-line. SEO articles are often announce to a private blog or SEO article databases,
Following is the RSS tutorial which will help you and you will be able to get a healthier plan and understanding regarding what RSS is and the way it works.
These days it is not difficult to convince business people that they need a website to maximise the potential of their business. The point is that whilst some people still reach for the yellow pages to find a plumber, hairdresser or doctor, others go to a search engine on the World-wi...
Google is not interested in you or your page. Everything that Google (and other search engines) care, is to give users the best experience possible.
Facebook is doing everything to "last forever". ' The timeline is an example of this attempt. The network's objective to create it is to be with us at every stage of our lives and follow the stages through which we pass.
Another indian government website hacked due to incompetence, nepotism, casteism, sex scam and corruption in Indian internet sector
Frustrating Static Pages There’s nothing more frustrating than not seeing updates on your website. You new book information that needs to be on it isn’t. Why is it not there? You’re losing sales when it’s not up there for the world to buy it. Why is your Author Website static?...
Eastern European people may have been craving for freedom, but on the Western Hemisphere, freedom of speech is allowed while we don't criticize or attack the system.
There are many website hosting services in this internet world and if you are really serious on developing a website for some useful purpose, it is advisable for not taking any hosting service which are offered for free. There are many disadvantages on going for free hosting services ...
The summary is basic. I am currently on a few other sites that I write on. And though I have had an account here I have not been very active.
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