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The post shares some highly significant and considerable tips to follow in order to achieve perfection on your wedding day.
It is exactly equivalents to 28 years, seven months and fifteen days - my wife Imelda has enjoyed life with me and with our three loving children. For more than 28 years, we have enjoyed the married life full of beautiful dreams for the future ahead. We have never fight or have shoute...
Let’s be real, everyone fantasizes to get married one day. Some of us do it sooner and some of us are late bloomers. We all want to have that special day when we will connect to that one person for the rest of our lives. Planning a wedding isn’t an easy job and it is best to start...
The way young people are getting married today have opted to do away with important aspects revolving around marriage and weddings is totally unacceptable.
Wedding is the most awaited time in a girl’s life. She wants it to be perfect when it comes to the dressing.
Advice on giving the dreaded wedding speech for a best man or father of the bride.
Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. If you have recently become engaged, then chances are high that you are planning all of the details of
Invite your guests online on a very auspicious occasion of your wedding.
This message spotlights God's intention for creating man and woman. By following His Holy WORD as much as humanly possible, my beautiful wife and myself will celebrate 29 years of marriage next month (June 2, 2013.) It is my sincere hope that my readers can glean something from the ...
This article is about making plans for our happy married life and find our soul mate
This page describes the feelings of a person walking down the isle to meet his fiance. The aim is to give readers insight on the emotions that can run through the human heart on wedding day.
This article is about tips and ideas of Winterize your wedding venue
Weddings are special occasions that two people who are in love normally arrange to celebrate their union being as one. Weddings are mostly adored by women than their counterparts, men, who are not so much into this game. Therefore, planning for weddings is very important.
Learn more about wedding venues weddings dresses and more
This article is about Celebrating the Wedding Anniversaries in a good manner
This page is about the Marriage Of An Online friend
Here i am giving some ideas to be added to your wedding. Beautiful Ideas that would surely make all guest at your wedding to enjoy and bless you.
"I Do" simply expresses marriage but the event itself is very stressful. Here’s how to organize a successful wedding.
an experience about wedding day in my real life.. have a wonderful time reading it..
A look at the origins of Wedding anniversary names along with some of the meanings.
Since the beginning of our history the Lord has sanctioned marriage. My family’s wedding traditions since the 1840’s have centered on eternal marriage.
New beginnings can be an exciting start on the pathway of life. We step out bravely, never quite knowing where it will lead us..We create our own story, each page a new chapter of our own in the Book of Life..Each story unique to us alone..
Here are some handy bridal makeup tips for summer that will are guaranteed to help you beat the heat and give you the best look on your special day!
Weddings can be very costly and conventional. Here are a few suggestions in order to save money and make it a night that stands out from the rest.
Wedding is a good word.Everyone gets married but who is lucky their marriage never fails and who is not either gets divorced or separated due to some reasons.......
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